The Black Map #237: Miles From Home from Bridgend!

Like the stray dog that simply will not leave, our Black Map feature returns after a week off for bad behaviour, complete with ankle bracelet tracker and night time curfew courtesy of… ah you know. So seeing as it’s Christmas we’re heading off to South Wales to talk about a Modern Metalcore band called Miles From Home. Not content with releasing a debut full length album “Damned By Disease” in May, mixed and mastered by none other than Michael “Padge” Paget of Bullet For My Valentine fame, the quintet returned in October with a brand new cut titled “Escape“. Produced by Dan Barnes at Lucky Fox Studios and accompanied by a music video directed by Gregory Cartwright, that was the knock out blow from a band who have trodden the boards with Depravity, Stitched and I Fight Bears to name but a few since forming in 2015. So if you’re looking to escape the family this Christmas, don’t become an introvert and deal with anxiety in the wrong way, crack a beer, connect to the family bluetooth speaker and force feed them some Miles From Home. They’ll love you all the more for it, even if it’s 6am.

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