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The Black Map #181: Aeons from the Isle Of Man!

Taking the guide book and throwing it out of the nearest open window, Aeons are a Progressive Technical Metal quintet who instead chose to go with with flow and cut their own path through the overgrowth. They are able to do that thanks to their dedication to their craft as they ably amalgamate the light

Review: “Consequences” by Aeons

Nearly two years in the making, “Consequences“, the follow up to 2019 debut album “A Tragic End” from Aeons, a Progressive Technical Metal quintet from the Isle of Man is one that has a lot to live up to thanks to the high bench mark left by its predecessor. The band, who comprise Justin Wallace

NEWS: Aeons survive a tragic end…

Nearly two years in the making, Isle Of Man DJentlemen Aeons are set to return with their second Magnum Opus in “Consequences” on 10th September. Already available for pre-order over at bandcamp the news has been welcomed with open arms in these parts with the title track of their stunning debut album “A Tragic End”