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NEWS: Lee McKinney is bathed “In The Light Of Knowledge”!

You have to wonder if there are any green eyes of jealousy from his Born Of Osiris bandmates when Lee McKinney shares his solo material with them, especially when he’s been able to persuade the Sorceress that is Misstiq to provide keys for new cut “Crystal Song“. This one is the first from a new

NEWS: Born Of Osiris light up Dallas!

Filmed live in Dallas Texas, Sumerian Records have blown the budget as far as multicam recordings go to get “Oathbreaker” from Born Of Osiris from every single angle possible and a few that shouldn’t be. The cut is one from the DJentlemens current “Angel or Alien” record which they’re touring stateside with Sentinels, Shadow Of

Review: ”Måsstaden Under Vatten” by VILDHJARTA

When it comes down to it, it could almost be considered a crime against humanity that a collective like VILDHJARTA have been allowed to leave in excess of 2920 days between releases but the quality of their 2011 debut “Måsstaden” and 2013 EP “Thousands Of Evils” have been more than enough to keep the home

The Black Map #181: Aeons from the Isle Of Man!

Taking the guide book and throwing it out of the nearest open window, Aeons are a Progressive Technical Metal quintet who instead chose to go with with flow and cut their own path through the overgrowth. They are able to do that thanks to their dedication to their craft as they ably amalgamate the light

NEWS: Born of Osiris dance in the shadows!

When you have an album that has spawned a trio of singles which have broken all kinds of statistical records for your band, you know you’re onto a well received winner. The band in question is Born of Osiris who with “White Nile“, album track title “Angel or Alien“, and most recently “Poster Child” have

NEWS: Born Of Osiris find their inner child?

Celebrating the release of their highly anticipated new album “Angel or Alien” via Sumerian Records this weekend, Born Of Osiris have unveiled a music video for the first track “Poster Child“, which means all three opening cuts have been chosen as singles. The Chicago Illinois DJentlemen have already seen the first two of those clock

Review: “Angel or Alien” by Born Of Osiris

Back in March when single “White Nile” appeared seemingly out of nowhere alongside an Erez Bader directed music video, it seemed obvious that there was more to follow and that Chicago Illinois Progressive Metal powerhouse Born Of Osiris were keeping their cards close to their collective chests and holding something back. We had to wait

Throwback: “Recreate” from Born Of Osiris!

If there was one album that deserved a 10th Anniversary tour then it has to be “The Discovery” from Born Of Osiris. Crossing the territories of DJent, Deathcore and Progressive Metalcore it’s the only album from the Chicago Illinois natives to feature guitarist Jason Richardson (All That Remains, Chelsea Grin) who is credited with writing

Playthrough: “Abstract Art” by Born Of Osiris!

Cameron Losch maybe better known for his drumming skills in Chicago Illinois Progressive Metalcore outfit Born Of Osiris but in this freshly released new playthrough video that has surfaced via Neural DSP, he picks up a seven string for a trip down the yellow brick road of memory lane for “Abstract Art“. The cut appears

Playthrough: “White Nile” from Born Of Osiris!

And so the countdown to “Angel or Alien“, the forthcoming album from American Progressive Metalcore powerhouse Born Of Osiris has begun, the date on the time card stamped with 2nd July 2021 via their long time label home Sumerian Records. So far we’ve been given a flavour with “White Nile” alongside the album title track,