The Black Map #90: Barriers from Brighton!

Continuing our journey across The Black Map of the UK Underground Metal Scene we head from Regrets in London to Barriers in Brighton. Creating a new line up 2018 when the previous one dissolved, guitarist Tom Lamont, drummer Chris Walker, and bassist Gregg Bunce went in search of a second guitarist and vocalist and didn’t have to wait long. Kian Gharchedaghi, formerly a guitarist in Canadian Hardcore act Lined With Gold and vocalist Kris D’Amore, who grew up in New York and loves graffiti were identified as first choice and they recorded a new album called “Through The Middle” which is available over at bandcamp for an October 2019 release. That was recorded, mixed and mastered by Wynter Prior and joined by a music video directed Tom Lamont at Burntaxe, The band itself had been around in one form or another since 2012 and playing a host of South Coast shows with the likes of Bailer, Columna and of course Confronted, so they’ll no doubt be making 2020 count!


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