The Black Map #95: Stitched from Birmingham!

Heading from London to Birmingham for this weeks entry in our Black Book of the UK Underground Metal Scene, it’s time for us to turn our attention to Stitched. A five piece Hardcore act, with a reputation for pounding kit work, tempo shifting riffs and barked vocals, they debuted single “Second Face” via the Slam Worldwide YouTube channel at the in January and followed it up with their 1st February released EP “Beneath The Surface“. Now before you say “Slam Worldwide? That’s going the be a Beatdown Deathcore crew, not Hardcore” actually, they ain’t. They’re a hardcore band who like Down and have some of that slower heavy material akin to Left Behind in their arsenal. They are a new band, they’ve not had much in the way of gig experience but they’re going to brining their game to Unearthed Festival at the end of the month and they have shared a stage with MTXS.

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