The Black Map #132: Spolier from Essex!

It is as rare as rocking horse s*** for us to have a debut single appear in our weekly Black Map feature which highlights bands from the Underground UK Metal scene, but there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be done. So for todays viewing and listening pleasure we have Spoiler, a band formed during a Global Pandemic referred to by Belgian Death Metallers Malfested as a plague when they did likewise. The quintet consist of five seasoned musicians in vocalist Aaron Ketley (ex-Postmortem Promises) and guitarist Will Cattanach (current Addison Lane vocalist who also handles production duties) who are joined by a trio of former members of a band we know all too well in The Dropper’s Neck in guitarist Chris Blake, drummer Danny Keene and bassist Jack Turner. That power house rhythm section know each others game inside out and clearly feel there is unfinished business when it comes to dealing in lethal doses of Nu-Metalcore, citing influences from KoRn to Alpha Wolf to create a sonic range that reaches from downtuned hardcore into the black depths of Deathcore and touches the void with its atmospherics. So here’s your taste in “Repress“. Consider yourself warned.

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