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NEWS: Spoiler have January shows…

If you haven’t already got your tickets yet then be warned, Essex Nu-Metalcore quintet Spoiler will be coming out swinging when it comes to this run of shows, their first as a band having unleashed a pair of blistering opening singles in “Brighter” and “Repressed“. Comprising former members of Postmortem Promises and The Dropper’s Neck

Exclusive Interview: Spoiler talk Writing and Recording!

At the end of October 2020 we were greeted by a the doorbell to be punched full in the face by Essex based Nu-Metalcore merchants Spoiler armed with the knuckleduster of a debut single that is “Repress“. After some banter, an exclusive interview and a pair impressive playthrough videos, they returned in February for a

Playthrough: “Repress” from Spoiler (Round #2)!

A second round knock out of a vocal playthrough performance from Spoiler (ex-Postmortem Promises, ex-The Dropper’s Neck, Addison Lane) frontman Aaron Ketley is a must watch addition as the Essex Nu-Metalcore merchants continue to rev the engine of their debut single “Repress” like a Dodge Charger, for all its worth. After all, we’ve already had a killer

Playthrough: “Repress” from Spoiler!

Luck? Luck is timing. You earn respect through hard work an persistence but being at the right place at the right time can take you to all the places you want to go. Essex Nu-Metalcore quintet Spoiler (ex-Postmortem Promises, ex-The Dropper’s Neck, Addison Lane) are no strangers to putting in the hard yards and having

The Black Map #132: Spolier from Essex!

It is as rare as rocking horse s*** for us to have a debut single appear in our weekly Black Map feature which highlights bands from the Underground UK Metal scene, but there is absolutely no reason why it can’t be done. So for todays viewing and listening pleasure we have Spoiler, a band formed