Exclusive Interview: Spoiler talk playing live, covering Slipknot and their next single!

Having premiered their first single “Repress” last weekend, Essex Nu-Metalcore outfit Spoiler who feature a collection of battle hardened musicians in their ranks have placed themselves very firmly in the “ones to watch” category. We caught up with bassist Jack Turner, one of a trio of former members of the pulverizing rhythm section of The Dropper’s Neck in this new downturned outfit, to get his thoughts on how all of this came about and what their next moves might entail…

Let’s start with the obvious question; forming a band in the middle of a pandemic is certainly an interesting move. How did it all come about? The seeds of the band were planted back in 2019, but with a drastically different sound. It wasn’t until Aaron (Vocals) came into the fold earlier this year we really started to hone in on what the Spoiler sound is. Then everything went to shit… luckily we all have access to some form of home studio, so were able to continue to work on material until we were able to record once restrictions had lifted. Although we haven’t exactly had a ‘normal’ start, it has allowed us time to really work on what we think is the perfect debut single.

How have your experiences in Postmortem Promises, Addison Lane and The Dropper’s Neck influenced the sound of Spoiler? I suppose The Dropper’s Neck is the outlier here, as both PMP & Ad/Ln are both on the heavier end of the spectrum that has influenced the Spoiler sound. That being said, there is still a raw aggression which was present in the musical aspect of TDN that has influenced the band. Another aspect is Danny’s (drums) unique playing style and grooves, which was present in Second Coming (The Dropper’s Neck album). Once we returned to a room and Danny could experiment with different beats, the songs came to life.

Obviously Addison Lane is still a going concern, so with Spoiler needing to play live, do you foresee guitarist Will Cattanach performing double duties and sharing stages with them or do you want to keep them as separate as you can? Do you see yourselves playing any The Dropper’s Neck or Postmortem Promises cuts live? Live shows seem to be inching further & further away, but who knows what the future holds. I’m sure Will would love both bands to share a bill! As for previous material, I can’t see us playing any live. I feel like this is the culmination of our musical careers. Everything has lead to Spoiler. Why dwell in the past?

Single “Repress” has been the first taste of what Spoiler have to offer, so what’s next for the band? We’ve already finished work on our second single, with a new music video to be filmed very soon! I think the next single is really going to surprise a lot of people.

Insome sort of fantasy land, if the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang! or Decibel Magazine contacted you and asked you to record a cover for a “Metal Through the Ages” compilation, what would you pick and why? I’m sure Chris (Guitars) would love to cover any Slipknot song from the late 90s/early 00s.

At Metal Noise, our ideal Saturday night consists of pizza, beers and a gig. We’d kill for that right now. So what do Spoiler dream of? Playing live. Having time to work on material and release it how we want it has been great, but there’s nothing like being up on stage. We have some big plans for future shows, so here’s hoping the world returns to some normality soon.

If you could bring in any guest to appear on a Spoiler track, who would it be? This is a tough one. I feel Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail) would sound fantastic on our material, but wouldn’t change the overall sound of the band. I’ve always liked the idea of throwing back to the more rap inspired sounds of the later 90s Nu Metal sound, so how about Tech N9ne!

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