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Documentary: Slaughter To Prevail new album #1!

Recording and Filming on Skylark Recording Studio, Slaughter To Prevail have shared a documentary about tracking the drums with sticksman Evgeny Novikov for a new album in Russian but does have subtitles you can turn on in the YouTube Settings. Judging by the background music as it plays out the as yet unnamed and undated

Playthrough: “Demolisher” from Slaughter To Prevail!

As teased on social media, Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible has premiered a guitar playthrough video for the bands recent single “Demolisher” that sees Jack Simmons tear it up, covered in blood, like he’s at a Slaughter house. A great video with all those classic horror film vibes, but it ain’t really a playthrough;

Playthrough: “Demolisher” from Slaughter To Prevail!

Recorded at Skylark Recording Studio, Slaughter To Prevail drummer Evgeny Novikov has thrown down the gauntlet with a playthrough for video for “Demolisher” that also doubles up as an instrumental that aspiring Deathcore vocalists can use to record vocal covers to. The way that Eissa from Morphide is doing exactly that, you can probably expect

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail get pimped!

It must be international Slaughter To Prevail day because not one but two remixes of “Demolisher” have landed on Planet Metal. The first comes from Gun Drummer, who met the band and filmed with them the last time they were in the US, while the second comes from famed Deathcore enhancer Misstiq who adds some

Bootleg: “Demolisher” from Slaughter To Prevail!

The controversy around the latest Slaughter To Prevail single “Demolisher” is answered in this footage from Monaclub in Moscow Russia on 11th December 2019. Some are suggesting that vocalist Alex Terrible has pitched his lows down in the mix, which persists despite his denial but as this proves, that simply is not the case.

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail load up with a wrecking ball!

After listening to this you might by feel like you’ve been blindsided by a Juggernaut. Tech-Fest bound Slaughter To Prevail have delivered a new single by the name of “Demolisher“. It’s just the second single since 2017’s “Misery Sermon” but quality rather than quantity can be a good thing.

NEWS: Russian Hate Project “Enjoy The Silence”?

We never thought we’d see the day but Slaughter To Prevail frontman Alex Terrible has covered “Enjoy The Silence” by 80’s icons Depeche Mode with his Russian Hate Project side project. Don’t expect clean singing. Should it go ahead, Slaughter To Prevail will be appearing at UK Tech-Fest at Newark Showgrounds this summer.