Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Underground Metal Bands to Watch in 2021!

Before we can reach the nirvana that is the “Most Anticipated Releases of 2021” there is one more subject to be paid attention to and arguably one of the most important ones to boot. The “Top #5 Underground Metal Bands to Watch in 2021” serves to look at a collection of bands who we’re expecting big things from in the coming year and while each one of these bands have had some degree of success, we think they’ve got what it takes to step up.

Vexed burst onto the Deathcore scene in 2019 with a pair of singles including “Elite” which features a guest vocal appearance from the bands hero in CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder fame. The year was a triumphant one for the band as they ripped up stages across the land with Godeater, even heading over to Italy and Switzerland for a couple of shows and in that time we saw them live twice and know that they have plenty more decent material just ready to go. So full album in 2021 after having spent most of 2020 on the side lines?

Born from the ashes of Postmortem Promises and The Dropper’s Neck as well as having current Addison Lane vocalist Will Cattanach on guitars and hailing from Essex are Nu-Metalcore quintet Spoiler. They dropped one single in 2020 entitled “Repress” and the music video clocked up a not to shabby 38,306k views on YouTube. The fortune telling 8 ball confirms big things for these Gentlemen in 2021 and if they have their way they’ll manage to sneak onto a stage with one of their biggest influences in Alpha Wolf.

Staying in Essex, the youthful Beyond Extinction are another band who are worthy of note going into the new year. 29th January 2021 will see them unleash the Hell that is their debut EP “The Fatal Flaws of Humankind”, a record which has lyrical themes of nihilism and the imperfections of the human race, despite the band members having an average age of just 17. What do their parents thing of their chosen pass time? They’d rather they were making a racket in their practice space than smoking weed and drinking whiskey in the park?

The Thrash resurgence brought with it Road Mutant, a band who we first witnessed in 2018 at Upsurge Festival and whose potential knowns no bounds. 2020 looked set to be a big year for them but as with many, burned out before it could fade away. They did however manage a pair of singles in “War March” and “Battlecry” recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse in London and mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy, Trapped Under Ice). Our prediction? Full album by the close of 2021.

Last but not least Oxford DJent fueled Alternative Metallers Arimea who also unveiled a pair of singles in Katy Perry cover “Never Really Over” and “The Circus“, the latter coming complete with a music video filmed and Directed by David Gregory and Cineoteric Films in the year of the Great Plague. They came in follow up to their spiffing debut EP “Castle Bravo” and while they’re known for their ferocious high energy live show and so the second the gates are open, you can expect this quartet to hit the road.

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