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Rabidfest 2024: 20th July warm up show!

Ahead of the sixth annual incarnation of Oxford’s biggest Metal Weekender in November, the powers behind Rabidfest have announced a warm up show that will ensure spilled beers in a crazy mosh pit. Taking place at The Jericho Tavern in Oxford on 20th July, the show will find a quartet of bands taking to the

Playthrough: “Nostalgia” from Arimea!

A one take guitar playthrough video for “Nostalgia” from Arimea strings master Tom Cooper has been submitted in evidence to the online court. The judgement is that not only is he ready for the bands upcoming show but he’s going to give some of the myriad of other guitarists on his stage a run for

NEWS: Arimea. Sixth Wonder. Liquid State. Bother. February 2024!

Alternative Metal outfit Arimea have announced a winter warmer of five shows that will see them joined by Sixth Wonder, Liquid State and Bother in various places up and down the country next month. Riding high on a wave of success with the waterfall release of singles including “Castiel” and “Nostalgia“, the lovers of late

NEWS: Arimea bring the Hammerdown on “Castiel”!

Having reduced castle bravo to rubble long ago in a Guy Fawkes inspired dynamite based act of chivalry, Oxford Alternative Metal act Arimea have been churning out the collossal singles like a Medieval war machine. The latest of those is “Castiel“, a song about Supernatural which premieres after the bands announcement that they will be

NEWS: A Titan A Deity share “Godwyn”!

The post “Descendant” world is the gift that keeps giving as Birmingham Progressive Metalcore outfit A Titan A Deity continue to waterfall release singles at a rate of knots. Like the Avengers, the band have a team in their corner with Dark North Media (Trendkill, Vanitas) at the helm for the music video for “Godwyn“,

NEWS: Arimea talk to their younger selves?

A third new cut of 2023 in “Remember It Kid” has surfaced from Oxford’s finest export Arimea, once again finding them in rude health as they approach their summer touring activities. As with the last single “Nostalgia” (which has an incredible 52k Spotify and YouTube streams combined) the band have gone all out on the music

NEWS: Arimea announce July shows!

After the excitement of huge new single “Nostalgia” which finds Arimea leaving Castle Bravo behind with 42k of YouTube and Spotify streams in three weeks combined, the quartet have announced its going to be a scorching hot summer for them with a run of co-headlining shows with newshapes for July…

NEWS: Arimea reminisce one time…

Leaving behind the bright lights of castle bravo, Oxford Alternative Metal band Arimea have returned with not one but two new cuts. The headline act is one called “Nostalgia” which has been given the full music video treatment while a sneaky b-side titled “Rince And Repeat” has also gone under the radar. You won’t have to

Documentary: Arimea Spring 2022 Tour Diary!

There is nothing quite like a tour documentary and Oxford Alternative Metallers Arimea have created an absolute blast for us with behind the scenes footage from their run with Lest We Forget. So if you want to know how they feel about Rage Against The Machine, Cafe Nero Coffee and Greggs then look no further.