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Exclusive Interview: This Is Turin talk “T.U.R.I.N”!

Cheshire based Blackened Technical Death Metallers This Is Turin have been mainstays of the Underground Metal scene for as long as we can remember and with their latest EP they’ve invested not only their hearts and souls but also had the courage to ask CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder to make a guest

Review: “T.U.R.I.N.” by This Is Turin

“The fires are dancing to the song of a thousand screams, Let the fallen angel devour me… Excommunicate“ Blackened Death Metal is the genre in which vocalist Darryl Jones, bassist James Kinnear, drummer Ben Adcroft and guitarists Anthony Hayden and Davey Langford do their work in Cheshire based This Is Turin. The outfit have also

NEWS: Vexed Sign with Napalm Records!

We have long championed Megan Targett (vocals), Jay Bacon (guitar),  Willem Mason-Geraghty (drums) and Al Harper (bass) otherwise known as Vexed after their pair of grade A Semtex singles “Elite” (which has guest vocals from Thy Art is Murder vocalist CJ McMahon and has garnered over 500k cross-platform streams as of now) and “Dominate” put them

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2021!

Having gone through the best singles, best albums, best EPs and most disappointing records of 2020 over the past few days, it’s time now to look forward to 2021 with our most anticipated releases of the first quarter of the year. You know, the ones that have us salivating as the prospect, like Wolves looking

NEWS: This is Turin premier “Absolution”!

After last month’s single “Misery” which saw them joined by CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder, Cheshire Blackened Technical Metal quintet This Is Turin have given us a second offering from their upcoming EP “T.U.R.I.N“, set for 22nd January with “Absolution“. At the beginning of September the band announced the return of bassist James

NEWS: Thy Art Is Murder announce the “Killing Season”!

Even though the touring cycle for their album “Human Target” is far from over, Australian Deathcore heavyweights Thy Art Is Murder have unleashed a single recorded in November 2019 entitled “Killing Season“. A lyrical insight into the darker side of the Thanksgiving story, it was originally intended to a tour promo and has been accompanied

Playthrough: “Atonement” from Thy Art Is Murder!

Continuing his run of single live take drum playthrough videos, new Thy Art Is Murder sticksman Jesse Beahler has smashed “Atonement” out of the park with a little bit of help from Steve Seid at Graphic Nature Audio, the protege of legendary producer Will Putney, who engineered, recorded and mixed the affair. The Australian Deathcore

Playthrough: “Make America Hate Again” from Thy Art Is Murder!

It maybe controversial but “Make America Hate Again” from Thy Art Is Murder remains on of the stand out tracks from 2019’s “Human Target” album. Next summer should see the Australian Deathcore collective creating walls of death on a global scale during the festival season and this Ibanez guitar playthrough is just a subtle reminder