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Review: “All That I Am, Laid Out in Front of Me” by Akimbria

When it comes to making a statement as a new band and getting people to really pay attention to your offering, nothing quite says “We’re HERE!” like a guest appearance from a titan of a genre that you’re creating in. Some might call it cheating or underhand because you haven’t got there on your own,

NEWS: Thy Art Is Murder return to “Dead Sun”!

Celebrating the arrival of their 2013 album “Hate” on vinyl, Australian Deathcore Kings Thy Art Is Murder have shared a music video for “Dead Sun” that features a guest appearance from Nico Webers of War From A Harlots Mouth. Forced to delay their European “Human Target” tour until the end of 2022, the band have

Playthrough: “Absolution” from This Is Turin!

Not a single instrument playthough in the more traditional sense but a full on full band studio session recording of “Absolution” is what This Is Turin have given us with this new video. The band pulled out all the stops for their three track EP “T.U.R.I.N.” earlier this year with Thy Art Is Murder vocalist

Review: “Culling Culture” by Vexed

They say that good things come to those who wait and in the case of Hertfordshire heavyweights Vexed it seemed like the wait was taking forever. Ice ages had come and gone in the time between their pair of devastating singles which opened up the floor for them and it seemed, from a fans perspective

NEWS: Vexed unleash 3rd new single “Misery”!

A third stand out single from the upcoming highly anticipated 21st May major label debut album “Culling Culture” from Vexed is upon us. Titled “Misery” it’s another ruthless gut punch of a cut with absorbing lyrics that continues the momentum the band have built up over years of hard graft prior to landing a deal

Playthrough: Full Set from Thy Art Is Murder!

Whetting our appetite for their HUGE European tour trek with Malevolence, King 810, Alpha Wolf and Orbit Culture that starts in November is a full set of dedicated drum cam footage from Thy Art Is Murder drummer Jesse Beahler. Shot at the Meet Factory in Prague, Czech Republic on 13th February 2020, it’s more split

Documentary: Gear Rundown #1: Drums with This Is Turin!

After This Is Turin went toe to toe with Vexed for who has the better guest vocal appearance from CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder on their respective tunes, drummer Bed Adcroft has turned his hand to giving us a gear rundown video in which he takes us through the kit he used in

Playthrough: “Hideous” #2 from Vexed!

The second playthrough video for “Hideous“, the first single from the upcoming debut album “Culling Culture” from Luton Deathcore titans Vexed sees the camera switch from 8 string guitars to drums. 21st May is the date that Napalm Records have chosen for the beast to be uncaged so we can expect at least two more

Exclusive Interview: This Is Turin talk “T.U.R.I.N”!

Cheshire based Blackened Technical Death Metallers This Is Turin have been mainstays of the Underground Metal scene for as long as we can remember and with their latest EP they’ve invested not only their hearts and souls but also had the courage to ask CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder to make a guest

Review: “T.U.R.I.N.” by This Is Turin

“The fires are dancing to the song of a thousand screams, Let the fallen angel devour me… Excommunicate“ Blackened Death Metal is the genre in which vocalist Darryl Jones, bassist James Kinnear, drummer Ben Adcroft and guitarists Anthony Hayden and Davey Langford do their work in Cheshire based This Is Turin. The outfit have also