Listmania: 5x Bands That Style Shifted To Self Destruct!

Just how many bands are there out there that you love to hate? Were they bands that you enjoyed but then changed their style or simply bands that you never got into for one reason or another? There are bands that are out there who have made the big time that we simply don’t “get” so nailing our colours firmly to the mast, here are five bands that we wanted so much more from.

1. For us probably the biggest disappointment is the style shift of Bring Me The Horizon. The first trio of albums were ones that we thoroughly enjoyed and the music they’re making now pales in comparison. Perhaps they should have changed their name and started over rather than p***ing on their older material and fans with the new sounds.

2. After their debut album, Bullet For My Valentine have been a band that have often promised but not quite delivered on what we’d hoped they’d become. As time has gone on, we’ll admit we’ve struggled to get into their offerings, latest album “Gravity” being a fine example. It’s like they’re trying too hard and aren’t relaxed enough with their writing.

3. Australian Metalcore heroes In Hearts Wake are one of a number of bands teetering on the edge for us. Like Deez Nuts, they’ve introduced some seriously cringe worthy forced clean vocals into a sound we previously enjoyed and whether it’s a desire to become more commercial or to become more creative or so something different, it’s not what we like. Still, their older material is solid…

4. Canadian Hardcore Punks Obey The Brave were in shark infested waters for a while with some unexplained desire for big choruses that didn’t do anything for us and a number of line-up changes that had left them giving more style over substance. That being said with their latest offering “Balance” they have stepped up their game and given us a partial return to their heavier roots.

5. New Jersey natives Palisades came to our attention with a pair of Electronicore albums that modernized Nu-Metal and became a guilty pleasure. But alas after a couple of line-up changes with half the band exiting their pair of following albums have lacked the edge or spark that the older material had. “Erase The Pain” maybe better than their self titled offering but it’s still a difficult listen.

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