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Bootleg: A pair from Obey The Brave!

Both a classic and a new song from Canadian Hardcore Punks Obey The Brave up next. Culled from their set at Schlachthof Wiesbaden Germany on 22nd November, “Get Real” from their 2012 debut “Young Blood” and from this year’s fourth studio album “Balance“, the opening track “No Apologies”. Don’t loose your head.

Documentary: Record Shopping with Despised Icon!

While in Los Angeles California, Despised Icon vocalist Alex Erian took a tour of Ameoba Records with the Nuclear Blast cameras rolling. He talks about not only some of his favourite records, but also those of his friends, peers and influences while we get snippets of “Purgatory”, the title track from the Deathcore heavyweights in

Interview: Despised Icon talk Vocalists!

Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon are back with a bang as new album “Purgatory” is an absolute belter. We reviewed that beauty last Friday and it has to be said, hats off to them, they decimate their rivals. Vocalist Alex Erin talks to Nuclear Blast about his favourite vocalists and influences in this freshly released

Listmania: 5x Bands That Style Shifted To Self Destruct!

Just how many bands are there out there that you love to hate? Were they bands that you enjoyed but then changed their style or simply bands that you never got into for one reason or another? There are bands that are out there who have made the big time that we simply don’t “get”

Interview: Despised Icon talk “Purgatory”!

Alex Erian of Despised Icon and Obey The Brave talks about being in one of the first bands to pioneer the Deathcore sound in this new interview with label Nuclear Blast. Their sixth studio album “Purgatory” is out on 15th November! Whether that means more shows from them in the foreseeable future, only time will

NEWS: Fallbrawl step out of the Darkness with “Hell Dogs”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Flo of Broken Humanity and taken from their today released album “Darkness” via BDHW Records, Metallic Hardcore wrecking ball Fallbrawl have dropped a music video for new track “Hell Dogs”! They’re currently on a huge European Tour with Lionheart, Obey The Brave, Deez Nuts and Kublai Khan before they join Desolated

Review: “You Got Me All F***ed Up” by Deez Nuts

If you look at it there are a fair amount of comparisons you could make between Alex Erin and JJ Peters. They both might come from opposite ends of the Globe with Peters hailing from Australia and Erin from Canada but they both have a similar look facially with baseball caps and designer stubble. They

Interview: Despised Icon talk “Snake In The Grass”!

Alex Erin of Canadian Deathcore pioneers Despised Icon talks about the bands recent single “Snake In The Grass” in this latest link in the chain of interview snippets around the bands upcoming 15th November drop “Purgatory”. It’s going to be in court via Nuclear Blast though wether it means a flood of live shows from

Interview: Despised Icon talk “Purgatory”!

One of what no doubt will be many snippets of interview between Nuclear Blast and Canadian Crushers Despised Icon around “Purgatory” which drops on 15th November sees the band talk about how it was written. Vocalist Alex Erin hasn’t given up on his other band Obey The Brave either. They’ve only just released “Balance”…

NEWS: Obey The Brave joined by Boundaries!

After announcing the addition of Despised Icon’s Ben Landreville as their new bassist following a full in stint, Canadian Hardcore Punks Obey The Brave have taken “Calme Le Jue” which features Maxime Maltais of Boundaries and thrown down a music video. The track appears on their new album “Balance”.