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Documentary: Studio Updates from Arcaeon!

Everything may have all gone quiet on the Arcaeon front for a little while now, but the Reading and London based Progressive Tech Metallers have out of nowhere thrown not one, but two updates from the studio at us. For those not in the know, they have been writing and recording a follow up to

Throwback: “Get Real” by Obey The Brave!

Following the news last week the Canadian Hardcore outfit Obey The Brave were calling time on their career after 8 years and four albums, three of which were released via Epitaph Records, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to one of the bands finest moments. From their debut album “Young Blood” in

Playthrough: “Legacies” from Arcaeon!

We’re not going to mention the debit full length album that Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon are still working on… Oh wait. Guitarist Sam Machin has unveiled the bands third playthrough in the past week with “Fade“, “Minds Eye” and now “Legacies” all getting the treatment. He’s a master and that custom Romlus Dalbello 7 is

Playthrough: “Minds Eye” from Arcaeon!

Another day, another playthrough video from Arcaeon guitarist Sam Machin, this time wearing one of the Reading Progressive Metallers influences on his chest in the artwork of the almighty SikTh. The track chosen is “Minds Eye” from their debut EP “Balance” as they continue the pursuit of perfection with the material for their debut album.

Playthrough: “Fade” by Arcaeon!

Yes, they’re still working on their debut full length album having started it when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth but Arcaeon are perfectionists and you can’t blame them for that. Sam Machin has shared a guitar playthrough for “Fade” from their jaw droppingly good “Balance” to remind us about what they’re all about. He wants you

Playthrough: “Fade” by Arcaeon… In 8-bit!

Continuing their wealth of social media output while they finish up their long in the works debut full length album that was originally slated for October 2019, Arcaeon have put drummer Joe Farrell in the spotlight for a playthrough of “Fade“. It’s slowed down so he can accompany an 8-bit faircom chipset remix of the

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020!

The Metal Noise Award Season is in full swing with our short lists appearing daily between Christmas and New Year that look both back upon the Metal World of 2019 and forward to what 2020 may bring. Today we’re looking at our Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases of 2020, which actually includes more than one

Bootleg: A pair from Obey The Brave!

Both a classic and a new song from Canadian Hardcore Punks Obey The Brave up next. Culled from their set at Schlachthof Wiesbaden Germany on 22nd November, “Get Real” from their 2012 debut “Young Blood” and from this year’s fourth studio album “Balance“, the opening track “No Apologies”. Don’t loose your head.

Listmania: 5x Bands That Style Shifted To Self Destruct!

Just how many bands are there out there that you love to hate? Were they bands that you enjoyed but then changed their style or simply bands that you never got into for one reason or another? There are bands that are out there who have made the big time that we simply don’t “get”

Live Review: Arcaeon w/Transients & Flight Of Eden @ Facebar, Reading

Tonight is a special night at Reading Facebar. Not only was it Arcaeon Guitarist Sam Machin’s birthday yesterday but it’s also Vocalist Stuart Sarre’s birthday tomorrow. So it’s a party and the atmosphere is a relaxed one in their home town. It’s Sunday night and the feeling is right, even without Foreign Pact who have