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NEWS: Arcaeon go 16-bit with “Ghost In The Machine”!

Want more Sega inspired genuine 16 bit Chip Tune remixes created with Yamaha chip sounds from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon? Well you’re in luck as after Guitarist Sam Manchin knocked “Infernum Demergeris” and “Origin of Dreams” out of the park last week, he’s back with a version of “Ghost In The Machine“. All three songs

NEWS: Arcaeon go 16-bit Sega twice!

Having previously given us an 8-bit remixed version of their debut EP “Balance“, Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have given us not one but two genuine full Sega 16-bit remixes using Yamaha chip sounds to add nostalgic tones to a pair of cuts from their debut album “Cascadence“. Guitarist Sam Manchin is the man behind the

Playthrough: “Heretic” from Arcaeon!

In 1991 Red Hot Chili Peppers were Under The Bridge and 30 years on it’s the turn of Arcaeon. The Reading Progressive Metallers launched their debut full length album which has been something approaching 3 years in the making a couple of weeks back and from that album entitled “Cascadence” guitarists Sam and Rhys playthrough

Review: “Cascadence” by Arcaeon

Some records are hammered out in 3 days in the studio with well rehearsed and live performed songs where it’s just about setting up and commiting to tape. Then there is “Cascadence” by Arcaeon, a labour of love from a group of perfectionists who’d rather take their time and get it right than give us

Playthrough: “Arcadia” from Arcaeon!

As the clock ticks down to 12th February and the release of their debut full length album “Cascadence“, Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have let drummer Joe Farrell return to the practice room to record a playthrough video for their latest single “Arcadia“. That’s the one with the incredible Zelda esq Gameboy video. Pre-orders are available

Playthrough: “Arcadia” from Arcaeon!

Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon gave us a brilliant Nintendo Gameboy video for their latest offering from upcoming new album “Cascadence” a few days ago so now it’s time for guitarist duo Rhys and Sam to give us a playthrough video for “Arcadia“. The album itself, the follow up to debut EP “Balance” which we scored

NEWS: Arcaeon enter the realm of Arcadia!

Complete with a fantastic Nintendo Gameboy video with hints at Zelda, Arcaeon have unveiled a second single from their upcoming new album “Cascadence” in “Zenith II: Arcadia” which has some distinctly Periphery vibes to it. The album, their much delayed debut and follow up the brilliance that is “Balance“, will drop on 12th February 2021

Playthrough: “Origin Of Dreams” from Arcaeon!

Having already given us a guitar playthrough for the first single from their upcoming debut album, Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have returned to “Origin Of Dreams“. This time out drummer Joe Farrell sets up in The Nave Studios in Leeds to show off his skills on the track. The album itself is entitled “Cascadence” and

Playthrough: “Origin Of Dreams” from Arcaeon!

Being total perfectionists and so taking their time to get it right, the debut album from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon will finally be upon us on 12th February 2021. The twelve track affair entitled “Cascadence” is available for pre-order here with first single “Origin of Dreams” now being followed up by a seven string guitar

NEWS: Arcaeon find the “Origin of Dreams”!

Originally setting themselves a release date which will be surpassed by more than 12 months due to their own perfectionist ways, Reading Progressive Tech Metallers Arcaeon will finally be releasing their debut full length album and follow up to 2018’s EP “Balance” in the new year. The date in question has been etched in stone