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Playthrough: “An Endless Sky” from Arcaeon!

Ahead of their appearance at this summer’s Tech-Fest at Newark Showgrounds, that will also see guitarist Sam Machin putting on a masterclass, Arcaeon have allowed their man out of the rehearsal room for a one take playthrough of “An Endless Sky“. The band have an hour’s worth of demos and ideas in the works so

Playthrough: “Replicant” from Arcaeon!

Arcaeon drummer Joe Farrell continues to be given his 15 minutes of fame as the Reading and London based Progressive Metallers work through and entire live shows worth of dedicated drum cam footage from their recently completed Midlands and Northern tour, the first for debut album “Cascadence“. This time out “Replicant” is the cut of

Bootleg: Arcaeon at The York in Bolton!

Filmed on the final date of their Midlands and Northern summer tour with camera audio only, here’s a full set from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon at The York in Bolton on 31st July. While we’re at it, how about another dedicated drum cam clip of Joe Farrell? Here’s “Origin Of Dreams” from him. Copies of

Playthrough: “Heretic” from Arcaeon!

You want more Joe Farrell? Arcaeon have what you need! They’ve dropped a third clip of dedicated drum cam footage from their recent Midlands and Northern tour in as many days, this time picking out the vicious little ditty that is “Heretic” for the purpose. Their debut album “Cascadence” is out now in original, 16

Playthrough: “Ezekiel’s Wheel” from Arcaeon!

The wheel like image in the Book of Ezekiel that is said to represent the enduring connections between this World and the next, the power from above and below is the subject matter of the thoughtful “Ezekiel’s Wheel” from Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon and a second dedicated drum cam video from beside the stool of

NEWS: Arcaeon sharpen their teeth with “Heretic”!

As the Midlands and North tour approaches it’s last few days Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon have unveiled a stunning music video for “Heretic” that sees vocalist Stuart Sarre turn into a vampire. Those shows have seen the venues packed out judging by the footage the band has shared on social media and with a place

NEWS: Arcaeon look up and an endless sky!

…and last but by no means least, Arcaeon guitarist and fully fledged Yamaha chip sound master Sam Manchin has unveiled the final piece of the “Cascadence” Sega Megadrive challenge with “An Endless Sky” and completed his pre-tour mission to boldly go back to the 90’s and improve upon the version of debut EP “Balance” created

NEWS: Arcaeon unveil “Ode To Unknown” in 16-bit!

If you thought that Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon were simply going to cut their Sega Sunday run of 16-Bit Megadrive nostalgic chip-tune renditions of tracks from their album “Cascadence” sort and leave off the final paring then guess again as “Ode To Unknown” has arrived for its day in the sun. Better late than never,

NEWS: Arcaeon battle in a Winter Wonderland!

“Cascadence” continues to be a rich source of material for Sega Sunday re-imaginings as Arcaeon guitarist Sam Manchin applies original Yamaha chip sounds to the bands original works, giving then a sense of nostalgia, this time to “Cascade“. It’s as if Arcaeon are playing while you slice and dice in Golden Axe or deliver the

NEWS: Arcaeon call out the Heretics, Sega style!

There can’t be may Sega Sundays left before Reading Progressive Metallers Arcaeon turn their attention to rehearsals for a wealth of upcoming shows including a July Midlands and Northern run and all in support of their debut album “Cascadence“. The latest cut to be re-imagined into Yamaha chip tune bliss is “Heretic” and we’re secretary