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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Freaks.

Back in 1997 the sophomore album “Freak Show” from Australian angst fueled Grunge Metal act Silverchair hit the streets as something of a backlash from the band to the reception of their debut album “Frogstomp” two years earlier. Partially down to the look of frontman Daniel Johns as much as the bands sound, they drew

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Most Disappointing Albums of 2020!

Before we look forward to 2021 with “Underground Metal Bands To Watch” and “Most Anticipated Releases” entries in our Listmania Awards Season, we have to touch on the most disappointing albums of 2020. These are records which we were excited about based on the bands previous output and pre-release singles which then… fell flat when

NEWS: In Hearts Wake announce re-imaged show!

Australian Metalcore act In Hearts Wake have announced a special re-imagined (acoustic?) show in their home town of Byron Bay on Saturday 14th November 2020 with this acoustic take on “Wildflower” from their 2014 sophomore album “Earthwalker“. Their latest offering and fifth in all “Kaliyuga” dropped in August via their long term label home UNFD.

Bootleg: “Worldwide Suicide” from In Hearts Wake!

Cut from a recent live stream, Australian Metalcore merchants In Hearts Wake have released introduction piece “Crisis” coupled with “Worldwide Suicide“, one of the stand out tracks from their recently released album “Kaliyuga“, which appeared via UNFD in August. They still have a headlining tour of their homeland lined up for March 2021 with the

Review: “Kaliyuga” by In Hearts Wake

It’s safe to call Byron Bay natives In Hearts Wake veterans of the Australian Metalcore scene at this point with their debut album “Divination” dropping eight years ago in 2012. They’ve toured the Globe relentlessly and we’ve had the pleasure of their live show twice, once on the “Earthwalker” tour and more recently when they

NEWS: In Hearts Wake are “Moving On”?

Keeping it strictly Metalcore and moving from the US to Australia, In Hearts Wake will be dropping their next offering “Kaliyuga” on 7th August via UNFD with another track “Moving On” streaming today. A few of the earlier singles showcased something of a style shift with Industrial Metal hybrid theory going on so the album

Riff Police! Pull Over! #114: Silverchair Vs Metallica!

Hugely successful Australian grunge act Silverchair started out their career back in 1995, when the band members were only 15 years old, dropping their debut album via major label Epic Records. The physical appearance of vocalist and guitarist Daniel Johns being similar to the late Kurt Cobain was something that his widow Courtney Love found

NEWS: In Hearts Wake search for “Dystopia”!

Another new In Hearts Wake track from their upcoming new album “Kaliyuga” has surfaced. Entitled “Dystopia” it is the first track not to have an undercurrent of industrial sounds and to have prominent clean vocals. The album will drop from the Australian Metalcore quintet on 7th August via UNFD with pre-orders available here.

Documentary: Parents Reactions to Metal?

Ever wondered what it’s like when bands play their material to their parents? We can’t quite imagine Cannibal Corpse it Thy Art Is Murder doing it but Australian Metalcore act In Hearts Wake have done exactly that and shared their reaction. The track they’ve chosen is “Hellbringer” from their upcoming new album “Kaliyuga” for the

Interview: In Hearts Wake talk “Kaliyuga” with HNY!

…with new album “Kaliyuga” due 7th August via UNFD and a trio singles that showcase something of a style shift in “Hellbringer“, “Son of a Witch” and “Worldwide Suicide“, it’s no wonder that Heavy New York were keen to catch up with Australian Metalcore quintet In Hearts Wake. Vocalist Jake Taylor took the call and