Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Freaks.

Back in 1997 the sophomore album “Freak Show” from Australian angst fueled Grunge Metal act Silverchair hit the streets as something of a backlash from the band to the reception of their debut album “Frogstomp” two years earlier. Partially down to the look of frontman Daniel Johns as much as the bands sound, they drew perhaps unwanted comparisons with Nivana and in particular “In Utero” with that title describing the bands touring life as something of a traveling carnival. Songs from the record had been leaked in demo form with more than half of them being performed as early as 1995 in the live arena but when we talk about legacy, it’s this album and it’s follow up “Neon Ballroom” which not only hold up, but have influenced a generation of Australian Metal Heads.

In the Red Corner we have Innasanatorium who hail from Western Australia and included it on their new album which guitarist Ryan Pearce describes “‘Odyssey of the Mind’ is a journey of emotions from the initial decline and a feeling of despair, to a the desire of wanting to be happy and fulfilled in life“. In the Blue Corner we have fellow Australian Metalcore act In Hearts Wake who did their version for “Spawn Again“, a UNFD records tribute album full of anthems. Who wins? You decide!

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