Vs. Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? Fight! Vinnie Paul Tribute

It seems only fitting that this weeks Vs. Tuesday is dedicated to Vinnie Paul. The former Pantera and Damageplan drummer who featured in super group Hell Yeah until the news of his sad passing from a heart attack at 54 earlier this week. Having already featured “I’m Broken”, “5 Minutes Alone” and “A New Level” from the likes of Upon A Burning Body, Maleface,  Feed The Rhino, Five Finger Death Punch, Obey The Brave & Nonpoint, it’s time for “Domination”. In the red corner we have Welsh Metallers Bullet For My Valentine doing their taken on the track back in 2006 for Metal Hammer Magazine back in 2006…

….And in the blue corner? Recorded in one night at the studio of S.O.D. frontman Billy Milano’s studio in New Jersey while on tour with Skinlab, we have Pissing Razors *ahem* Goddamn Electric version! The Texans “Fields of Disbelief” from 2000 remains a stone wall classic on Noise Records. Rest in peace Vinnie Paul.


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