Vs. Tuesday #24: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? Fight! “Bulls On Parade” Edition!

To say that Rage Against The Machine are (that’s “are” as opposed to “were” – they will be back!) influential is like saying black is the new black. Their influence is felt far and wide in the Metal community, despite the 18 long years since the bands last studio album, 2000’s “Renegades”. Los Angeles California’s finest export? The influence that created nu-metal? Responsible for inspiring a generation of aspiring bands? Guilty as charged! In the blue corner, Byron Bay Metalcore titans take on the RATM classic “Bulls On Parade” – when we say “classic” – it was voted #15 on VH1’s 40 “Greatest Metal Songs” list with Tom Morello’s guitar solo ranked #23 on Guitar World’s 100 Greatest Solos list published in 2009…

In the red corner, the highly politically charged Long Island New York hardcore crew Stray From The Path. They’ve got a studio cover of “Vietnow” from Rage Against The Machine’s “Evil Empire” out there on a tribute album as well, that’s how much they love them! This cut was pro-shot at a club show in Omaha, New England while the band supported Winds Of Plague. If you can’t hear RATM’s influence on SFTP’s material and in particular “Subliminal Criminals”…. Who wins? You decide!

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