Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Raining Blood!

Whether it turns out to be just a hiatus or is theĀ  retirement they swore it would be remains to be seen but the legacy of Slayer lives undeniably on. Gary Holt will no doubt get back into the Exodus fold for a new record though it remains to be seen which, if any, of the other members start new projects. It seems unlikely that Kerry King wouldn’t be involved in Metal in some way, shape or form going forward. So for today’s head to head, in tribute and loving memory of Slayer, we have two bands putting their own spin on arguably their most recognisable track “Raining Blood“.

In the Red Corner we have Tel Aviv Israel Death Metal infused Deathcore act Ages Of Atrophy. Mixed and Mastered by guitarist Ram Reihany this is a powerhouse cut from the quintet who we last heard on single “Dethtone” from their album “The Greatest Ascendancy Fraud” which was the soundtrack to the summer in 2018. In the Blue Corner, it simply has to be Polish Death MetallersĀ Vader. Their version of the track has been a live favourite after appearing on the Japanese version of their 2006 album “Impressions In Blood“. They have a brand new album entitled “Solitude In Madness” slated for later this year. Who wins? You decide!

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