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NEWS: Nervosa premier “Jailbreak”!

Featuring guest appearances from Exodus guitarist Gary Holt as well as Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain and Death Dealer Union fame, 29th September will see the release of “Jailbreak” from Nervosa via Napalm Records. The album has already seen “Endless Ambition” and “Seed Of Death” premier as the band return to a twin axe attack

NEWS: Nervosa announce “Jailbreak” with “Seed Of Death”!

Featuring guest appearances from Gary Holt of Exodus and Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain and Death Dealer Union, the highly anticipated fifth album from Nervosa titled  “Jailbreak” has been announced for a 29th September release via Napalm Records. It finds the band now fronted by the Prika Amaral and returning to a twin guitar assault,

Review: “Awareness​” by Crownshard

Five long years after their self titled debut EP surfaced in March 2018, the return of Italian Death Metal machine Crownshard with a sophomore EP in “Awareness” is feels long overdue. Conceived by guitarist and vocalist Cesare Fioriti back in 2016, the project finds him joined by guitarist Manuel Rizzolo, bassist Saverio Rossi and drummer

NEWS: Gutcheck lay in wait…

Those with an aversion to masks should probably skip this one as Atlanta Georgia Metallic Hardcore crew Gutcheck make it two singles for 2022 with “Lying In Wait“. This one sees them joined by Ringo Waterman of Mugshot fame and follows June’s return in  “Blood Bonds“, which also had a guest in Trae Roberts from

Review: “Tyrannicide” by Asylum

It has been six long years since the last confession from Brisbane Australian Thrash Metal act Asylum, who rose to prominence with a pair of EPs in 2013’s “Slaughterhouse” and 2016’s “Concealed Death“, escaping the trappings of their homeland to attend True Thrashfest in Japan in 2017. Both of those records were well received but

Exclusive Interview: Mortal Chains talk self titled debut EP!

The brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Martin Elliott, Durham Death Thrash trio Mortal Chains have set sail on the seven seas of Metal with their maiden voyage a self titled EP that strikes a chord with an Old School sound created with the help of Neil Combstock at Rocking Horse Studios across five intriguing cuts.

Bootleg: “Toxic Waltz” from Generation Kill!

At The Empire Night Club, Akron Ohio stop of the Generation Dead Tour this summer members of Dead By Wednesday joined forces with Generation Kill, a band who feature in their ranks former Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes for a cover of “Toxic Waltz” by the San Francisco Bay Thrash Gods. Dukes recently built bridges with

NEWS: Gutcheck join forces with Mouth For War!

What goes around comes around? In 2016 Atlanta Georgia Metallic Hardcore crew Gutcheck tapped up Travis Tabron from Varials for their single “American Me”. Six years on Trae Roberts from Mouth For War is the guest tapped up for “Blood Bonds“. Be warned, this one isn’t suitable for those who suffer from photo sensitivity. Where

NEWS: Generation Kill bring out the evil in you!

One of the finer points of “MKUltra” by Generation Kill just so happens to be “Evil Eye” which sees them joined by former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. So the ideal choice then for a music video directed by Wacy Jahn? Blood Blast Distribution, the imprint label of Nuclear Blast think so and now that Rob