Review: “Tyrannicide” by Asylum

It has been six long years since the last confession from Brisbane Australian Thrash Metal act Asylum, who rose to prominence with a pair of EPs in 2013’s “Slaughterhouse” and 2016’s “Concealed Death“, escaping the trappings of their homeland to attend True Thrashfest in Japan in 2017. Both of those records were well received but it is the bands reputation for a flawless high octane live show which has earned them the opportunity to share stages with the likes of Toxic Holocaust, Angelus Apatrida and Accept in in that time, even affording them the option to release a live EP in 2021 titled “Live In Melbourne“. Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Waldmann at Silent Underground Studios (Des Sherwood, Chasing The Goat, Gutter Tactic), “Tyrannicide” finds Asylum recording their debut album as a trio with Shane Robins handling vocals, rhythm guitars and bass duties, Robert Armstrong on lead and clean guitars and Levi Damiris on drums. They are joined by Daniel Vine, Moosh Wuyts and Phillip Armstrong providing backing vocals.

The band describe their music as being about current events and what is going on in todays World, channelling thoughts and feelings about how society interacts and the overall state of humanity into their material and “Tyrannicide” is no different. Running on themes ranging from tyrannical governments to sadistically corrupt organizations and even human trafficking, it makes for thought provoking content against a backdrop of thunderous drums, crushing riffs and menacing vocals, all the elements you would expect from a classic Thrash record. A riff orientated album by design with an unflinching desire to go hard or go home at an adrenaline fuelled pace, the debut album from Asylum is one that isn’t for the faint of heart. The bands depiction of the actions of mankind which could lead an apocalyptic future begins with “Eternal Violence“, a classic helter-skelter riff fest of sinister rhythms in a classically Thrash guitar tone with a slightly off kilter solo in the final quarter. It crosses over into a pre-breakdown section to end the cut on a high leaving Asylum sonically reminiscent of early Exodus even if Robin’s dry throated raspy vocals are more in keeping with the snarlings of Dave Mustaine than Zetro. There is more of a gallop to second cut “Victim Complex” which threatens with a whammy bar moment and some jackhammer footwork but doesn’t quite ignite the flames on the first listen, but firing the solos in all directions in a grandstand finale, “Cruelty Obsessed” shreds some light on the darkness.

That leads perfectly into “Tyrannicide” which has electric lead work early on as the blood starts to flow with some Death Metal leaning moments in another shred fest of the finest order. It’s the kind of title track you want on an album because it encompasses everything that the record and the band are about is single cut while Armstrong pushes the boundaries with some fretboard smouldering solo action. One of those albums that gets stronger as it plays out “Imminent Decay” has a well executed mid track melodic moment that has a haunting quality that you can find in “Master of Puppets” era Metallica before building to a barnstorming conclusion. The circle pit starts with “Insurrection“, the swirling darkness of the lyrics intertwining with the razor sharp riffs as somehow the band find an extra few percent of energy to pour in for another thunderbolt from the wrathful God, the double kicks from Damiris pushing it all the way. Robins rantings know no end as the dark themes of doom and misery flow from his mouth like a plague wind and it has to be said that “Sadistic Intent” is the finest of the cuts to grace the album. The restless and relentless nature of this beast may have been too much had it been a couple of cuts longer but keeping it at just under 40 minutes means there is absolutely no need to throw in a power ballad [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Eternal Violence
  2. Victim Complex
  3. Cruelty Obsessed
  4. Tyrannicide
  5. Imminent Decay
  6. World Asunder
  7. Insurrection
  8. Sadistic Intent
  9. Genocidal Conspiracy

Tyrannicide” by Asylum is out 2nd September 2022 and is available for pre-order over at bandcamp.

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