Review: “Wheel of Time” by Kavoid

Recorded at Suba Recording Studio and Mixed and Mastered by Stefano Atoragon, Stoner Metal trio Kavoid specialise in Slow Riffs and Meditation. They hail from Perugia Italy. That trio have written this three track EP “Wheel of Time” on a concept, the concept of fighting your personal demons over and over again.

Opening cut “Samsara” (a Sanskrit word meaning the cyclical nature of all life and existence at the heart of Indian culture as well as a Wandering) is an introduction piece that repeats a classic Stoner Metal guitar riff over and over. Setting the tone for the EP as a whole with a drifting quality and raw late 70’s edged sound it’s an interesting move. “Absolution” continues that trend with shoe gazing quality, long drawn out riffs and gradually building fuzz guitar patterns. The lyrics and vocals are sparse with the trio preferring to let the Psychodelic sounds of their instruments do the talking.

“Mahatma” (another Sanskrit word, this time meaning “Great Soul”) is more of a prayer or mantra of meditational qualities, calling or describing the unnamed who keeps one alive. The slow crawl of guitar work over very loose feel drum work and soulful lyrics is something you could imagine Chris Cornell of Audioslave and Soundgarden fame producing had he left for a 3 year stretch in India and returned a changed man of spiritual being and then started a band like High on Fire. Spiritual stuff indeed [7/10].

“Wheel of Time” by Kavoid is out now and available via bandcamp


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