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Review: “The Curse” by Snakeblade

Initially a one man Black Metal project with Power Metal leanings from Vancouver Canada masterminded by multi instrumentalist Mike Redston when last years debut album “The Kingdom” inspired by the fantasy of Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, Metal Gear Solid and Dungeons and Dragons surfaced, Snakeblade has begun an evolution into the realms of Blackened Thrash with

NEWS: God Syndrome play Amon Amarth!

…with one guitar and keys pre-recorded and the remainder done in one take, Russian Death Metal brutes God Syndrome have sharpened their axes and dropped a performance of “Deceiver Of The Gods” by Amon Amarth as they celebrate a decade of destruction having formed in 2011. The band are no strangers to a cover having

Review: “Nightmare Eclipse” by Toxic Ruin

Hailing from Sheboygan Wisconsin, Toxic Ruin have been blasting Death infused Thrash Metal in an attempt to burst our ear drums since 2016 when they landed debut album  “Subterranean Terror” on us with a barrage of riffs and those old school Thrash lyrical themes and socio-political commentaries. That was followed in 2018 with an EP

Bootleg: Megadeth in Austin Texas!

Culled from the bands set in Austin Texas on the first night of their tour, here are a trio of classics in “Trust“, “Hanger 18” and personal favourite “Sweating Bullets” from Big Four Thrash Gods Megadeth. The show marks the return of bassist James LoMenzo (Black Label Society, Slash’s Snakepit) who replaces David Ellefson, not

Review: “H8” by M.O.D. ClassicTK

The story goes that when talks didn’t go according to plan for an M.O.D. (Method of Destruction) 30th Anniversary reunion to play debut album “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” in full with the original line up, guitarist Tim “The Riffmaster” McMurtrie and bassist Ken “Angry Corpse” Ballone decided to take the path less traveled. The unmistakable legendary

Bootleg: “The Threat Is Real” from Megadeth!

Having recorded a new album and with tour dates lined up, it will be interesting to see if Megadeth replace Dave Ellefson immediately or temporarily get a fill in for those immediate commitments. A return James LoMenzo of Black Label Society gets our vote and seems like something of an obvious choice, his work on

Throwback: “Sweating Bullets” by Megadeth!

The debate will rage on around campfires and shots of Wild Turkey about whether Megadeth or Metallica are the better band and have the better legacy; both have blotted their copy book at various times in their careers; “Super Collider” and “Load” both being prime examples but then you can’t be perfect all of the

Riff Police! Pull Over! #155: Temtris Vs Megadeth!

There is no doubting that despite crawling out from under the weight of Metallica and all the controversy that has flown over him like a Vulture circling its prey that Dave Mustaine has done plenty right with Megadeth and served the Metal Gods well over the years. His legacy has plenty to offer despite the

Bootleg: “Poisonous Shadows” from Megadeth!

Proving that they aren’t resting on their laurels and playing just the older material from their much loved back catalogue, Big Four Thrash Gods Megadeth included “Poisonous Shadows” from their 2016 record “Dystopia” in their set at Bloodstock in 2017. Let’s face it, if there was one band who should grace the Ronnie James Dio