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NEWS: TYMO exchange contracts with “Sanity Clause”!

Edmonton’s Tymo have released the first material since their 2017 album “Purge and Reset”! The track is called “Sanity Clause” and influenced by thrash heavyweights including Megadeth, Slayer and Municipal Waste, the single is will depart from the melodic end of the metal spectrum exhibiting more speed, energy and technicality that is akin to the traditional

Documentary: How To Sound Like… Megadeth!

Toska Guitarist Rabea Massaad tells us how to go about getting the guitar sound to mimic Big Four Thrash legends Megadeth and more importantly hammers out some riffs in the latest entry in the Andertons Music long running series “Without Busting The Bank”! Their timing couldn’t be any better with Dave Mustaine and his friends upon our

Review: “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos” by Juliet Ruin

Edmonton, capital of Canada’s Alberta province, sits on the North Saskatchewan River and is home to Juliet Ruin. Comprising Kent Geislinger with Guitars and Vocals, Jesse Bauman with Drums, Jess Ruin with Lead Vocals, Wesley Rands with Guitars and Cody Reid with Bass and Backing Vocals, the band have dabbled with low tuned 7 string

NEWS: Megadeth in Hanger 18 in January!

Quite how they’ve managed to do it, we don’t know but the Thrash legends that are Megadeth will be joining Bad Wolves in supporting Five Finger Death Punch on a European Tour that will land in the UK for a pair of dates in January. That of course means that should he be needed due

Playthrough: “Disillusioned” by Leo Viridi!

Complete with cover art that looks as though it was inspired by the best video games of the late 90’s, “LV1”, the debut full length album from Leo Viridi sees him joined by a host of guests. He’s posted this guitar playthrough video for instrumental “Disillusioned” which saw him play with ex-Megadeth drummer Shaun Drover

Playthrough: “Something To Prove” by Leo Viridi!

A little while back we reviewed “LV1”, the debut full length from Leo Viridi. He’s joined by former Megadeth pairing Shaun and Glen Drover for this cut “Something To Prove” from the record which has now gained a Playthrough video. How he manages to keep that hair away from his guitar strings while headbanging, we’ll

Bootleg: Lamb Of God at Graspop Metal Meeting!

Finally having confirmed that Chris Adler would not be returning to the drum stool and Art Cruz of Winds Of Plague would remain in the hot seat, something which, let’s be honest was probably on the cards since he stepped away to do Megadeth, there seems to be a new freedom about Lamb Of God.

Riff Police! Pull Over! #64: Dope Vs Threering?

Threering are a band who are now on their fourth album “Dark Tranquillity”. The Las Vegas Nevada duo with influences from Megadeth to Pink Floyd have been around in various bands since 1990 and when we came to review the album, one song stuck out like a sore thumb. Why? Because there was something very

Review: “Dark Tranquillity” by Threering

A duo hailing from Las Vegas Nevada, Threering have been creating music together in various other bands since the early 1990’s before releasing their first album in 2015. Now onto their fourth release in “Dark Tranquillity” they wear their influences on their sleeves and we’re lucky enough to record the debut “Diagram for Self Destruction”

Review: “LV1” by Leo Viridi

It has been an interesting 18 months or so for solo musicians and duo collaboration projects with a multi instrumentalist and a vocalist pairing up to release and album or EP. As a Guitarist, self taught from age 17, Leo Viridi has chosen to get a group of guests on board to help him complete