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Riff Police! Pull Over! #155: Temtris Vs Megadeth!

There is no doubting that despite crawling out from under the weight of Metallica and all the controversy that has flown over him like a Vulture circling its prey that Dave Mustaine has done plenty right with Megadeth and served the Metal Gods well over the years. His legacy has plenty to offer despite the

Bootleg: “Poisonous Shadows” from Megadeth!

Proving that they aren’t resting on their laurels and playing just the older material from their much loved back catalogue, Big Four Thrash Gods Megadeth included “Poisonous Shadows” from their 2016 record “Dystopia” in their set at Bloodstock in 2017. Let’s face it, if there was one band who should grace the Ronnie James Dio

Review: “Ritual Warfare” by Temtris

Hailing from Shoalhaven and Sydney, New South Wales, Australia are a five piece Metal outfit who originally formed 21 years ago as Labyrinth then rebranded Labyrinthia before finally ploughing ahead under the moniker Temtris. For original members Anthony Fox (Guitars) and Genevieve Rodda (Vocals) the unveiling of “Ritual Warfare” marks the bands sixth studio album

NEWS: Enemynside rust in peace!

As they did for a cover of “Tornado Of Souls“, Italian Thrash Metal outfit Enemynside have taken the original isolated drum tracks from Nick Menza and bass tracks from Dave Ellefson and added their own vocal and guitar parts for a unique cover of “Lucretia” by Megadeth. As their Rockshots Records released album “Chaos Machine”

Riff Police! Pull Over! #144: Wrath Vs Laaz Rockit!

How this next pair of bands will be remembered by their fans is a curiousity. Chicago Illinois Thrash act Wrath dropped arguably their finest hour in “Nothing To Fear” back in 1987 and despite a three year hiatus have since gone on to deliver further four albums covering subjects of society and war. Album opening

Review: “Cover Compilation” by God Syndrome

A Melodic Death Metal act formed in Samara Russia in 2011, God Syndrome take influence from the Death Metal scenes in America, Sweden and Poland to create their sound which is highlighted as they pay tribute to their heroes with this covers EP. The band consists of Vocalist Pavel Bamburov, guitarist Sergey Aksenov, bassist Dmitry

NEWS: Enemynside indulge in a little “Battery”!

The Chaos Machine of Italian Thrash Metallers Enemynside has returned with a cover of “Battery” by Metallica to brighten up the darkest of days. The song takes the isolated bass and drums of the original parts from Cliff Burton and Lars Ulrich in the same way the band did with their cover of “Tornado of

Bootleg: “Tornado of Souls” by Megadeth!

27 years after it first appeared on the Megadeth classic album “Rust In Peace” the Thrash titans stepped onto the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock in 2017 and performed “Tornado of Souls“, a track which has lost none of it’s magic despite the years gone by. This one can be considered a tribute to

Bootleg: “Symphony of Destruction” from Megadeth!

Back to Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2017 and a second cut from Big Four Thrash Kings Megadeth in “Symphony of Destruction“. May 2019 saw them in a studio in Franklin, Tennessee to begin pre-production of follow up to 2016s “Dystopia“, once again teaming up with co-producer Chris Rakestraw with a tentative 2021 release date

Bootleg: “Hanger 18” from Megadeth!

Going back to 2017 and the set from Big Four Thrash Kings Megadeth at Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2017 where they stood upon the Ronnie James Dio stage, here’s the classic “Hanger 18“. 2021 will see the annual Metal meeting have it’s postponed 20th Anniversary celebration with a wealth of acts rebooked for the