NEWS: Tonic Breed throw their bullets in the fire!

Norwegian Thrash project Tonic Breed have unleashed a music video for the title track of last summers EP “Fuel The Fire” which finds mastermind Patrik K. Svendsen joined by Megadeth and ex-Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren and Bernt Jansen of Artch and Wig Wam fame. Having originally established their name in 2006 the band abruptly disbanded in 2019 before founding member Patrik K. Svendsen resurrected it as a solo project with multiple guest musicians including Björn Strid (Soilwork), Martin Skriubakken (Endezzma), and Oliver Palotai (Kamelot) joining forces to give it a new lease of life…

Mastermind Patrik K. Svendsen comments: “Fuel the Fire: A song that repeats itself twice with two different endings, which correlates with the lyrics. A new start, let us say it like that. Fast, energic, and groovy. You get it all in this song with tons of riffs. The only Tonic Breed to include blast beats – Dirk Verbeuren is a beast on the drums! Being a full-pieced band for 13 years, Tonic Breed gained tons of experience in the music scene. After the third and last split up in 2019, I decided to reinvent the band. I now operate alone as a songwriter, but with great company in my songs. I believe the EP will not disappoint the Tonic Breed fanbase. The starter songs are right up there in the alley they would expect.

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