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NEWS: My Hollow continue the fight with “The Iron Harvest”!

Making the most of their appearance at Loud As Hell Festival amid their Great North Resurgence Tour with Tortured Saint, Canadians My Hollow used pro-shot footage to create a music video for “The Iron Harvest” from their EP “Fighting The Monsters“. If you missed it, the title track features a guest vocal appearance from Björn

NEWS: Feelingless find Hope in the bottom of a bottle?

(Mario) All-star charity project Feelingless have release a mesmerizing new track titled “Hope“, taken from their forthcoming studio album “Metal Against Animal Cruelty“, out on 2nd December via Noble Demon. While the first two singles already featured high-caliber guest contributions by Björn Strid of Soilwork, Jake E of Cyhra & Rachel Aspe of Cage Fight, the

NEWS: Feelingless seek a touch of nostalgia?

A second cut from “Metal Against Animal Cruelty” by Feelingless has surfaced in “Nostalgia“. The album features twenty guests and this one is no different with Rachel Aspe (Cage Fight, Ex- ETHS), Jake E (Cyhra, Ex- Amaranthe), Lawrence Dinamarca and Diego Zapatero joining mastermind Hugo Markaida. For those not in the know he’s a member

Throwback: “Calvert Street” from I Killed The Prom Queen!

In 2014 the return of one of Australia’s most important Metalcore outfits I Killed The Prom Queen for one final album in “Beloved” is one that eight years on today we celebrate. An interesting choice in many respects, it’s a reincarnation of the oldest of Metalcore sounds from a band who only featured one original

NEWS: Soilwork premier “Valleys Of Gloam”!

Celebrating the release of their twelfth studio album “Övergivenheten” (or “The Abandonment“), Swedish Melodic Death Metal masters Soilwork have released a music video for “Valleys Of Gloam“. The track is one credited to vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid both lyrically and musically with the album the first with bassist Rasmus Ehrnborn, the first time in nearly

Interview: Soilwork talk “Overgivenheten” with Heavy New York!

Ahead of the release of “Overgivenheten” on 19th August via Nuclear Blast, Bjorn “Speed” Strid from Swedish Melodic Death Metal masters Soilwork spoke to Heavy New York. Topics of conversation not only include the album itself but the 20th Anniversary of the classic that is “Natural Born Chaos“, lyrical meanings and vocal styles and the

Review: “Fuel the Fire” by Tonic Breed

“The re-branding of Tonic Breed came to life after the lineup was divided. All the other previous band members started their new band projects, but I had not that same momentum going on at the time. I did not then, or have never since, considered making this a full band again to play live shows

NEWS: Soilwork let their dreams turn to nightmares…

While The Halo Effect want to offer us something of a nostalgia trip to the roots of the Gothenburg Sound, fellow Swedish Melodic Death Metal masters Soilwork have offered up single “Dreams Of Nowhere” which has flavours of their 90’s Death Metal past. The cut is taken from their upcoming 19th August via Nuclear Blast

Bootleg: “The Nurturing Glance” from Soilwork!

Swedish Melodic Death Metal masters Soilwork performed at Tuska Festival in Helsinki Finland this past weekend and from their set “The Nurturing Glance” was one caught on camera for your viewing pleasure. The cut appears on the bands 2019 album “Verkligheten” (or “The Reality“) while the show took place in the build up to the