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NEWS: Soilwork announce EP with “The Nothingness And The Devil”!

If you thought that the resurgence of The Night Flight Orchestra would mean the end of Melodic Death Metal veterans Soilwork, guess again. They’ve announced a new EP for 4th December 2020 via Nuclear Blast, recorded by Thomas “Plec” Johansson at Nordic Sound Lab in Skara and co-produced by him and the band, it goes

NEWS: Hitherside return with “Eighteen of Six”!

Part American part Belgian Alternative Metal duo Hitherside, a partnership between vocalist Jennifer Summer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Oerlemans have returned with “Eighteen of Six“. It comes a year after their impressive “Blue Lotus” record which sees former Soilwork and current Megadeth and Cadaver drummer Dirk Verbeuren make a guest appearance on “Get It Back” and is

Interview: Megadeth drummer Dirk Verbeuren talks new Cadaver album!

It’s kind of funny how some musicians become names in their own right while others simply remain members of a band. Dirk Verbeuren is one who during his time is Swedish Melodic Death Metallers Soilwork was firmly in the latter, a relative unknown, despite 12 years and four albums with them. But since replacing Chris

Riff Police! Pull Over! #117: At The Gates Vs Trivium!

The last album from Swedish Melodic Death Metallers At The Gates before an 11 year hiatus was “Slaughter of the Soul“. A landmark album, it is considered alongside works by In Flames and Dark Tranquillity as one of the cornerstones of the Gothenburg sound. Produced by Fredrik Nordström (Soilwork, Arch Enemy, Opeth) in 1995 and

Review: “Embodiment of The Divine” by Buried Realm

Josh Dummer is the kind of multi instrumentalist who has the vision for the extraordinary. In 2017 he put together his first offering “Ichor Carcinoma” as a solo project under the name Buried Realm and sold the idea to a collection of well known and highly skilled musicians, getting them to appear as guests on the

NEWS: Hilltops Are For Dreamers believe that we are not alone?

Not to be confused with the Michael Jackson song of the same name, Hilltops Are For Dreamers have recorded an acoustic version of their track “You Are Not Alone“. The original version appears on the bands self titled debut EP and the Soilwork fans joined the growing number of bands participating in our Under The

NEWS: Buried Realm unleash “The Wonder And Terror Of Fortune”!

The second new track from the upcoming Buried Realm album “Embodiment Of The Divine” has surfaced entitled “The Wonder And Terror Of Fortune” and featuring guest appearances from both guests Rafael Trujillo (ex-Obscura), Ryan Strain (Chaos For The Masses). The album drops on 24th July, the sophomore release from the Progressive Death Metal solo project