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NEWS: Tonic Breed search for strife!

Norwegian Thrash Metal project Tonic Breed have announced that 2014 album “Outsold” is set to be re-released having been remastered by Toproom Studio and shared opening cut “Strife” in its new form to prove it. Expected later this year, it leaves open to question whether its predecessor “Install Memory” will get the same treatment with

NEWS: Tonic Breed throw their bullets in the fire!

Norwegian Thrash project Tonic Breed have unleashed a music video for the title track of last summers EP “Fuel The Fire” which finds mastermind Patrik K. Svendsen joined by Megadeth and ex-Soilwork drummer Dirk Verbeuren and Bernt Jansen of Artch and Wig Wam fame. Having originally established their name in 2006 the band abruptly disbanded

Review: “Fuel the Fire” by Tonic Breed

“The re-branding of Tonic Breed came to life after the lineup was divided. All the other previous band members started their new band projects, but I had not that same momentum going on at the time. I did not then, or have never since, considered making this a full band again to play live shows