NEWS: Drawn And Quartered defy the “Age Of Ignorance”!

Hearing up for their eighth studio album “Congregation Pestilence” which is set for release next weekend, 2nd July via Krucyator Productions, Drawn And Quartered have given us one last chance to listen to a preview with the Seattle trio sharing the track “Age of Ignorance“. Not a new song but a re-recorded fans favourite and rarity, it’s one of nine in the Death Metal veterans new armoury.

The band comment: “‘Age of Ignorance’ appeared previously only on the CD edition of ‘Proliferation of Disease.’ Known to occasionally appear in live Drawn And Quartered sets, a spontaneous, driving song sees some added embellishment on ‘Congregation Pestilence.’  A song, alas, that is not germane only to the past. A soundtrack for the funeral that never ends.”

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