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Review: “Congregation Pestilence” by Drawn And Quartered

Both a formidable and influential force in the realm of Death Metal over the past three decades, Drawn And Quartered first arrived on the scene back in 1992 in Seattle and since have unleashed a discography of seven critically acclaimed full length records. While they may not have achieved the level of recognition that other

NEWS: Drawn And Quartered defy the “Age Of Ignorance”!

Hearing up for their eighth studio album “Congregation Pestilence” which is set for release next weekend, 2nd July via Krucyator Productions, Drawn And Quartered have given us one last chance to listen to a preview with the Seattle trio sharing the track “Age of Ignorance“. Not a new song but a re-recorded fans favourite and rarity,

NEWS: Drawn and Quartered celebrate “Carnage Atrocity”!

Long-time servants to Death Metal Drawn and Quartered are inching their way to their eighth full length record “Congregation Pestilence” having arrived on the Seattle scene nearly three decades ago in 1992 under the name Plague Bearer. The new addition to their already critically acclaimed offerings was mixed and mastered by Loïc Fontaine (Autokrator, N.K.V.D.)

NEWS: Drawn And Quartered return with “Congregation Pestilence”!

Returning with their eighth studio album in close to three decades are Drawn And Quartered, a Seattle Washington Death Metal trio who seem destined to remain forever Underground. Mixed and mastered by Loïc Fontaine (Autokrator, N.K.V.D.) at Krucyator Studios and once again adorned with artwork by the legendary Gabriel T. Byrne, who has crafted cover