NEWS: Drawn and Quartered celebrate “Carnage Atrocity”!

Long-time servants to Death Metal Drawn and Quartered are inching their way to their eighth full length record “Congregation Pestilence” having arrived on the Seattle scene nearly three decades ago in 1992 under the name Plague Bearer. The new addition to their already critically acclaimed offerings was mixed and mastered by Loïc Fontaine (Autokrator, N.K.V.D.) at Krucyator Studio and is as always adorned by artwork from Gabriel T. Byrne. If you missed the lynching that is first single “Rotting Abomination (The Cleansing)” then perhaps a second cut in “Carnage Atrocity” might ignite the fires with the album dropping on 2nd July and pre-orders being over at bandcamp.

Remarks Herb Burke, the band’s vocalist and bassist: “With jagged slashing and frenzied disembowelment, ‘Carnage Atrocity,’ is a neck-snapping orgy of violence that will sear itself upon the mind; a traditional tale of graphic gore from the birth of serial killing, its end vanishing into the mists of the unknown.”

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