Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Boots.

Nancy Sinatra may have worn the boots but she can’t have known that after having had such a huge hit in 1966 with the song “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” written by American Country and Pop singer Lee Hazlewood that there would have been so many covers of the cut floating around 56 years down the yellow brick road. Hazlewood had originally intended to record the song himself but Sinatra talked him out of it, saying that “coming from a guy it was harsh and abusive, but was perfect for a little girl to sing” and she was proven right with 4 million Worldwide record sales. The covers of it have come from all corners of the Globe with Billy Ray Cyrus and Jessica Simpson both taking the song to the US audience while German Industrial overlords KMFDM and American punk rockers Operation Ivy make up the best of the rest…

…but it’s the Metal versions that we’re putting head to head. In the Ruby Red slipper corner we have Leo Moracchioli from Frog Leap Studios in Norway who takes the original and turns it into a largely Traditional Metal styled cut, complete with a hilarious music video. It’s what he does and if he’s Dorothy then Dave Mustaine must be Cinerella in the Blue corner with the glass slipper as Megadeth create their version and put a Motorhead style Speed Metal spin on it. As the World and his wife already knows, their version appeared on “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!”, the Thrash Gods debut album back in 1985 but what they might not know is that this version is another element of the black cloud that seemingly follows Megadeth around. Hazlewood threatened legal action in 1995, 10 years after the albums release if the song wasn’t removed due to the lyrical change Mustaine had made, despite having received royalties for a decade. It would be 2018 before the band re-recorded with the original Lee Hazlewood lyrics. Who wins? You decide!

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