Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Battery.

We’re going to nail our colours firmly to the mast and admit that for us at Metal Noise, the firm winner by a length when it comes to our favourite Metallica album is “Master Of Puppets“. If a non Metalhead asked that age old question “Who are Metallica?” or even “What is Metal music?”, the 1986 Elekra Records album, the last to feature bassist Cliff Burton is to us an obvious choice. A lyrical exploration of abuse of power and control, perceptive, harrowing and socially aware, it is a defining moment in the bands career. Opening cut “Battery” has been played at breakneck speed surrounded by plumes of Pyrotechnic flames during the bands sets so it’s no wonder that it’s a cover of choice for many…

…in the Red corner we have Mexican guitar duo¬†Rodrigo y Gabriela who will be releasing their version of the Thrash Metal classic on record store day alongside classics from Megadeth and of course Slayer. Surely they could have found an Anthrax cut as well and made it four from the big four? In the Blue corner we could have had a whole host of bands, but we’ve gone for a version of the track found on the “Tale of Revenge” single and their 2004 album “Iron” digipak. A version from Finnish Folk Metal band Ensiferum. They’ve toured the Globe, played Bloodstock in 2010 and dropped 7 albums of a pair of EPs to boot. Who wins? You decide!


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