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Review: “Collusion” by Martyr Defiled (10th Anniversary)

26th September 2010 saw Lincoln Death Metallers Martyr Defiled follow up their debut album “Ecophaghy” with their sophomore effort “Collision“. Having called time on the band in 2018 after 5 albums together and with former members appearing in Magna Carta and Viscera since, we raised our eyebrows at appearances at Fury Fest and Tech-Fest were

Review: “Push The Button” by Dead Tree Seeds

Like so many, Dead Tree Seeds is a band formed from the ashes of a previous project. When Triakanthos split back in 2009, drummer Alexandre Prudent formed this new outfit and after a few line up changes 2013 saw their debut “Seeds Of Thrash” land a square punch to the jaw of the detractors. Over

Documentary: Is “St. Anger” by Metallica that bad?!

Released back in 2003, “St. Anger” marked the eighth studio record from San Francisco California Thrash Kings Metallica. despite receiving mixed reviews for a lack of solos and drummer Lars Ulrich not using the snares on his snare drum, ending up with a tin ring sound to the drums that is often likened to sounding

Review: “Self Titled” by Ormskirk

Five years in the making, Blackened Thrash Metal act Ormskrik from Sandnes on the west coast of Norway have been busy in their self-built rehearsal space in an abandoned yarn factory since 2015. It took two years for their 2017 debut single “Eternal Moonlight” to appear and in search of the best way to release

Riff Police! Pull Over! #107: GroundCulture Vs Spineshank!

When it comes to riffs, some just stick in your head. It’s an essential component of what makes a song catchy and memorable. Back in 2003, the third studio album “Self Destructive Pattern” from Los Angeles Californian Industrial Metal band Spineshank was lead by a single that somehow wound up getting nominated in the ‘Best

Listmania: The 10 Worst Albums By 10 Brilliant Bands..?

Louder.com have put together “The 10 Worst Albums By 10 Brilliant Bands” which is an interesting read as some of these may actually be fans guilty pleasures. Take “Diablous In Musica” by Slayer as a prime example. Who doesn’t like “Stain Of Mind“? “Psychosocial” from “All Hope Is Gone” by Slipknot is a banger and

Review: “Reign Of Terror” EP by Vesicarum

Taking their name from the Latin for ‘fester‘, Kent Death Metal quintet Vesicarum originally began as a solo project for frontman Glynn Neve back in 2016 before evolving into a full band in 2018 with guitarist duo Martin Shipton and James Thompson and a rhythm section of bassist Orla Blue Reed and drummer Donal McGee.

Review: “Sagacity” by TreaTmenT

Beginning life in 2017, “Sagacity” is the result of nearly 15 years of experience. Starting out back in 2005 under the moniker HarroW and playing a mix of Metallica and Iron Maiden covers in with their own, changes in the bands line-up and chemistry created a style shift. Three years later they changed their name to

Riff Police! Pull Over! #104: Holocaust Vs Gamma Ray!

At the apex of the curve of The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in 1981 Edinburgh Scotland natives Holocaust debuted “The Nightcomers“, the first of 11 albums in a 39 year career. The band may not be one that some of the current generation of Metal Heads are aware, but they are certainly of

Documentary: Opposition Party discuss the Big Four!

Starting a podcast series seems like the thing to do these days and so Singapore Thrash Punks Opposition Party have done exactly that. The series is entitled “Everyday Born A Dog” with the first episode seeing the trio take apart the so called “Big Four” of Thrash Metal in a split screen chat. Their latest