Review: “Rebirth” by Eulogy

Hailing from Cardiff, Eulogy have been making a name for themselves since 2017 with EPs “Back to Life” and “Memento Mori“, the latter surpassing 1 million Spotify streams, as well as reaching the finals of Metal 2 The Masses in 2022 with their down-tuned riffs and rousing choruses. Turning their attention away from their live antics the band enlisted Tim Vincent (Brutality Will Prevail, Agrona, Defeatist) at WoodCroft Audio to assist them in recording their debut album “Rebirth” with vocalist and bassist Neil Thomas, lead guitarist Mike Williams, drummer Josh Bird and rhythm guitarist Brian Perkins taking a month to do so between August and September last year…

While they may describe themselves as a Hard Rock act, in truth Eulogy blur the lines between Grunge and Metal, sitting in the centre of a Bermuda triangle between all three genres with influences of “Black” album era Metallica, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and alike worn on the bands collective sleeves. The album gets going with “Save Us All“, a melodic introduction making way for a riff in a tone that brings a satisfying crunch. Clean vocals from Thomas offer gravelly notes while a solo feels like a bolt of lightning from a wrathful God, the emphasis of the mix being placed on delivering crushing rhythms. 14 seconds longer than the 2017 original, “Back To Life” keeps the energy high with Classic Rock inspired vocals, the new rendition making the older one sound tame in comparison as to goes harder and faster with less of the mournful qualities carried over. Bringing the bounce “Pain Is Mine” sounds like a demo from a band like Soil with riffs that would do well on American Hard Rock Radio. Three tracks in and there is no doubt that had the band existed in the early 90s in the US then they’d be playing arenas by this point, something which the chorus of “Cross To Bare” serves only to confirm. Thomas sounds like James Hetfield on this one and such are the qualities of his vocal performance that you may well find yourself singing along by the end of the first listen.

The album is split in half by “Breathe“, a cut with melodic overtones and an introspective lyric that was the staple of the early 2000’s in style but with far more punch and a certain grit and emotive quality in the vocal performance that tells you this means more. Driving down the darkness “Corvid” has lyrics that Dio himself would be proud of while a classy extended solo adds to the growing weight of evidence to put before the court about the level of musicianship that the band have to display. The only criticism that you could possibly have is that this particular cut is perhaps a verse and chorus too long for those with attention deficit. That’s not something that can be levelled at “Fading Sun” which is the Chef’s Kiss of the album, a cut that holds within it all the qualities that the band possess and is in many ways the one which could have been chosen as the title track if the band had taken that route. It has that kind of earworm chorus that gets inside your head and just won’t leave alongside it the kind of riff you will find yourself humming and wondering exactly what it is, if you catch the drift. The thunderous “Laudanum” ensures that no stone is left unturned in the bands pursuit of sonic destruction, the Metallica isms creeping back in a little as it plays out helping to give it a sense of the familiar. Speaking to the part of all of us that would seek revenge when we find ourselves the victim, “Narcissist” brings down the house with arsonistic style. The sumptuous leads are worth the admittance fee alone, the band creating a tension you could cut with a knife alongside the dark and crushing atmosphere of it all [7.5/10]

Track Listing

  1. Save Us All
  2. Back To Life
  3. Pain Is Mine
  4. Cross To Bare
  5. Breathe
  6. Corvid
  7. Fading Sun
  8. Laudanum
  9. Narcissist

Rebirth” by Eulogy is out 1st March 2023 via Stoned Crow Productions

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