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Exclusive Interview: Eulogy talk “Rebirth”!

Having accumulated over a million Spotify Streams for 2020 EP “Memento Mori” and fought their way to the final of Metal 2 The Masses for a chance to play Bloodstock in 2022, it was only a matter of time before Welsh Metallers Eulogy committed a debut album to tape. Titled “Rebirth” the record arrived at

Review: “Rebirth” by Eulogy

Hailing from Cardiff, Eulogy have been making a name for themselves since 2017 with EPs “Back to Life” and “Memento Mori“, the latter surpassing 1 million Spotify streams, as well as reaching the finals of Metal 2 The Masses in 2022 with their down-tuned riffs and rousing choruses. Turning their attention away from their live

NEWS: Eulogy unveil “Pain Is Mine”, set March for new album!

Back in August and September Cardiff Hard Rock quartet Eulogy shared photographs on social media as they recorded their debut album “Rebirth” with Tim Vincent (Brutality Will Prevail, Agrona, Defeatist) at WoodCroft Audio. It took until the end of November for the band to receive the first mix and now in January we have the

Review: “3rd Degree – The Raising” by Gemini Syndrome

“There’s something deeper under the surface of our music, and it’s designed to allow the listener to resonate and wake up to their potential. See, when an initiation is done properly, who the person was before, and who they are after the initiation, are two different people. Essentially being Raised to a higher degree of

Bootleg: “Fading Sun” from Eulogy!

Ever wondered what a bands rehearsal space actually looks like? Welsh Alternative Metallers Eulogy have given us a fly on the wall perspective of theirs with this rehearsal rendition of “Fading Sun“, one of three new cuts said to be form a forthcoming album called “Rebirth” that also includes a re-recording of “Back To Life”.

NEWS: Eulogy head “Back To Life”?

Whether it’s metaphorical or otherwise, Eulogy have shared a music video for a re-recorded song called “Back To Life” which is said to be from a forthcoming album in “Rebirth“. The performance for the video was filmed at RatioStudios as one of three new cuts including “Fading Sun” that the Welsh Alternative Metallers played in

Bootleg: “Blood Red Skies” from Eulogy!

Having released a music video for “Cross To Bare” at the end of September from their current EP “Memento Mori“, recorded at Coda Recording Studios and mixed and mastered by Neil Garland, Welsh Metallers Eulogy have returned home and recorded their parts from their living rooms to create a video for “Blood Red Skies“. Nice

NEWS: Eulogy bring their “Cross To Bare”!

Sometimes you’ve just got to find a way to make it happen and in the current climate, that’s exactly what Eulogy have done with their video for “Cross To Bare“.  The track appears on the Welsh Metallers recently released EP “Memento Mori“, recorded at Coda Recording Studios and mixed and mastered by Neil Garland, with the