Exclusive Interview: Eulogy talk “Rebirth”!

Having accumulated over a million Spotify Streams for 2020 EP “Memento Mori” and fought their way to the final of Metal 2 The Masses for a chance to play Bloodstock in 2022, it was only a matter of time before Welsh Metallers Eulogy committed a debut album to tape. Titled “Rebirth” the record arrived at the end of February to a fanfare as 40 minutes of material found them reinvigorated and reanimated in a heavier form than some of their previous works. Naturally a conversation with the band took place and this is what they had to say for themselves…

Your debut album has been six years in the making with a trio of EPs before it, so what made you feel ready to unleash the beast now? “It has been a long time since Neil and Mike started Eulogy but now we have such a strong line up the time was now or never. We had some great well written new songs, so to compile them onto an album was the next natural step”

The new album has a harder edge than your previous efforts; how much was that down to Tim Vincent (Brutality Will Prevail, Agrona, Defeatist) at WoodCroft Audio in the studio or do you feel like the band has matured that way? “It’s a combination of both, we are heavier sounding live anyway and that has never really been captured on our previous recordings so we went out to look for someone and a studio who could deliver that for us. Tim has managed to capture that for us perfectly so to answer the question yes – Tim had a lot to do with it”

You fought your way to the final of Metal 2 The Masses at Fuel in Cardiff in 2022. How much do things like your reception at such events and the Judges comments about being a well developed band help spur you on? “M2M is a good event we thoroughly enjoyed it, we had a fantastic reception from the people who attended which is validation of our music. The judges and the audience seen something in us that they liked and kept sending us through to the next stage which did raise our profile and it’s something we did not take for granted we are very grateful”

If we are made up of our genes and our influences, what is in your jeans and who would you consider your influences? “We are a mixed bag when it comes to our influences a real mongrel, but this helps us with our music.

Lead guitarist Mike lists his influences: – Alex Skolnick (Testament), Mark Tremonti (Alterbridge). David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Jimmy Page(Led Zeppelin), Jim Root (Slipknot)

Drummer Josh lists his influences: – Alter Bridge (Scott Phillips), Metallica (Lars Ulrich), Foo fighters (Taylor Hawkins & Dave Grohl), Guns N Roses (Matt Sorum), Breaking Benjamin (Chad Szeliga), Dream theatre (Mike Portnoy), red hot chilli peppers (Chad Smith), blink 182 (Travis Barker), Paramore (Zac Farro)

Vocalist and bassist Neil’s influences are:- Metallica , megadeth, alterbridge, queenryche, Ozzy osbourne, Iron Maiden, Helloween,

Rhythm guitarist Brian lists his influences:- Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Dio, Van Halen, Queensryche, Avenged sevenfold, Alterbridge”

We’ve noted a few other bands rising from the Metal scene in Wales; what is the scene like there, what has it done for you and are there any hidden gems of bands that we should check out? “There are lots of good, dedicated rock and metal bands in Wales really working hard but a lack of venues wanting to put on original rock events. We understand the venues need to be profitable especially the way things are now economically so its tough all-round”

What’s next for Eulogy? “Writing new material already planning the next album, gigging as much as we can, enjoying playing our music and keep building Eulogy from this point going forward. R”N”FR Oh! and world domination….. Mwahahahahah”

Rebirth” by Eulogy is out now via Stoned Crow Productions

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