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NEWS: Enquire Within get burned by Acid Reign!

Joined by guest vocalist Howard H Smith from Acid Reign, British Metalcore institution Enquire Within have shared a second single from their upcoming EP “Elysium” in one called “Seeds of Destruction“. A 31st May release that includes last summer’s single “Final Seal” in six tracks to make the grade, the band are describing the record

NEWS: LIES! detail new album “Mind Control”!

Having returned after a seven year long hiatus with 2022 EP “Rebirth“, Dutch Metallic Hardcore heavyweights LIES! have confirmed that wasn’t a flash in the pan nostalgia trip with a new album slated for an 8th December release. Titled “Mind Control” it has been preceded by the title track with a guest appearance from Hugo

Bootleg: “Final Seal” from Enquire Within!

One of the many highlights of the summer was a post “Rebirth” single from London Metalcore act Enquire Within titled “Final Seal” which finds them lyrically drifting into Traditional Heavy Metal territory with a little bit of Power Metal lore thrown into the mix. The band have shared a live rendition of that from a

Bootleg: “War” from Enquire Within!

Having announced that they will be joining Burner and Overthrow in opening for Evile at the New Cross Inn on 9th December, South East London Metalcore merchants Enquire Within have shared a live rendition of “War” from O2 Academy in Sheffield. That was part of their set at HRH Vikings with the original version appearing on

Review: “Destroyer of All Dreams” by Sadistic Vision

Three years after their aptly titled debut album “Rebirth“, the return of Hanover Pennsylvanian Traditional (They don’t like the term Old School Death Metal as they feel that too many bands are quick to be trendy and stake a claim on the phrase, so want to set themselves apart from that) Death Metal trio Sadistic

NEWS: Enquire Within break the seal?

It seems that extended runs with Acid Reign have got Enquire Within thinking about the darker side of life with the Metalcore merchants unveiling new single and music video for a cut titled “Final Seal“. While their influences remain prominent, their line up changes have solidified their vision with this one offering a more refined version

Exclusive Interview: Eulogy talk “Rebirth”!

Having accumulated over a million Spotify Streams for 2020 EP “Memento Mori” and fought their way to the final of Metal 2 The Masses for a chance to play Bloodstock in 2022, it was only a matter of time before Welsh Metallers Eulogy committed a debut album to tape. Titled “Rebirth” the record arrived at

Review: “Rebirth” by Eulogy

Hailing from Cardiff, Eulogy have been making a name for themselves since 2017 with EPs “Back to Life” and “Memento Mori“, the latter surpassing 1 million Spotify streams, as well as reaching the finals of Metal 2 The Masses in 2022 with their down-tuned riffs and rousing choruses. Turning their attention away from their live

NEWS: Cryosphere turn from predator to prey?

Once a six piece hailing from Roskilde, Danish Alternative Melodic Metalcore act Cryosphere have been reborn as a duo diving into their previously hinted at Nu-Metal fuelled Industrial Metal elements with a brand new single titled “Pray“. It marks their first new material since 2020 EP “Constellations” as they seek to expand their horizons once