Review: “The Cloven Hand” by Zebadiah Crowe

From the minds of Zebadiah Crowe, the creators of last summers “Host Rider” comes the first of two EPs that promise a further test to your sanity in the bleak mid winter in “The Cloven Hand“. How much of a part Forrrthen and The Horrid played in the creation of these tracks with the exception of handing over the source code to the protagonists remains unknown, but if their nerves jangled like the jailers keys as he walked down the prisoners corridor then they need fear not, their visions of evil are kept integral within the confines of these three reimagined diseases…

Seething Akira‘s take on “House Of Worms” is reminiscent of works that appear on “Remanufacture” by Fear Factory or “Suicide Season – Cut Up!” by Bring Me The Horizon, maintaining enough guitar work to keep the more hardened Metal Heads happy while throwing down enough electronica and programming to keep the industrial science fiction fiends happily staring at a bleak apocalyptical future. Gods Of Ruin then disassemble both “Barrens Forge” and “Skull Shank” and rebuild them from the ground up to make ambient industrial tinged dance cuts that bury the vocals from The Horrid into the mix like an evil ghostly figure. The later is littered with primitive breakbeats and sounds like something that Static-X may delivered under the evil disco moniker with more than a healthy dose of hallucinogens. None of these cuts may have the oppressive nature of their originals now but they do still have the uncomfortable and unnerving edge, the chains drag across an invisible floor and claws scrape down unseen walls from beyond the abyss [7/10]

Track listing

1. House Of Worms (Seething Akira Remix)
2. Barrens Forge (Gods Of Ruin Remix)
3. Skull Shank (Gods Of Ruin Remix)

The Cloven Hand” by Zebadiah Crowe is out 2nd December


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