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Track Review: “Heart Of Lead” by RIPPINGDEXD

Created in part as a biproduct of the period affectionately known as the great plague years, RIPPINGDEXD is the solo project of multi instrumentalist Shezer Sherrin in an effort to master the dark arts of recording in between regular band activities. Taking on vocals, guitars, drum programming and synths as well as mixing and mastering,

Review: “Cunning Punts” by xygrbryrx

Pronounced zye-ger-bry-rex you could be forgiven for thinking that xygrbryrx was the Death growl of the beast that lurks beneath your bed or a cheat code for a PlayStation III game. It’s actually the name that multi instrumentalist Michael Jon White has given to his Extreme Metal meets Grindcore down a dark alley with a

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe sound the Doomklaxon!

Flipping the script and delivering something full on Industrial Metal as opposed their usual blend of Blackened Thrash and Grindcore with the genre, Zebadiah Crowe have unveiled a new single in “Doomklaxon 3000” that is said to be the first single of a new album titled “Non Femem Meo Daemonia” which remains undated. Hailing from

Review: “Self Titled” by Catercorner

“I wanted to create something that was completely unconstrained, with no preconception of what the end result might be—something uncompromising, that completely disregarded boundaries and was unafraid to visit strange places. I feel that I achieved that goal and created a pretty unique slice of metal.” ~ James Sherwin While the early seeds of James

Review: “Lych Milk” by Zebadiah Crowe

The companion piece to “The Cloven Hand“, a remix EP that saw Gods Of Ruin and Seething Akira deconstruct Zebadiah Crowe material and create Frankenstein’s Monsters of their own, “Lych Milk” sees the duo of Forrrthen (Guitars) and The Horrid (Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming) take on a trio of their songs and do likewise. The

Review: “The Fatal Flaws of Humankind” by Beyond Extinction

“We have spent hundreds of hours of writing and demoing the record at our homes and practice spaces to create this EP, and it’s the best music we have written to date. Focussing on the concepts of nihilism and the imperfections of the human race, the subject matter of this record has a deep and

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe begin slow trudge to “Gallows Hill”!

Yesterday’s news that the companion piece for remix “The Cloven Hand” will drop on 5th February 2021, entitled “Lych Milk” and featuring another trio of Zebadiah Crowe tracks remixed within an inch of their lives, this time by the band themselves, a video for lead track “Gallows Wood” has surfaced from the black depths. It

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe offer “Wormhavens Dance”…

“I believe in injustice and inhumanity and torture and anger and hate. I believe in murder. I believe in pain...” ~ Zebadiah Crowe We knew that a companion piece to their EP “The Cloven Hand” was on the way, we didn’t know what, where or when Zebadiah Crowe had planned – until now! 5th February

Review: “I Am Void” by The Machinist

A new entity comprised of members of venomous Black Metal beast Reign Of Erebus and bile spewing mechanical monster NekroDrako who have undertaken surgery that has brought to life a Frankenstein’s Monster in the form The Machinist. Between them, the quartet they have created “I Am Void“, painting nightmarish visions in Industrial Blackened Death Metal,

Review: “The Cloven Hand” by Zebadiah Crowe

From the minds of Zebadiah Crowe, the creators of last summers “Host Rider” comes the first of two EPs that promise a further test to your sanity in the bleak mid winter in “The Cloven Hand“. How much of a part Forrrthen and The Horrid played in the creation of these tracks with the exception