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Review: “Lych Milk” by Zebadiah Crowe

The companion piece to “The Cloven Hand“, a remix EP that saw Gods Of Ruin and Seething Akira deconstruct Zebadiah Crowe material and create Frankenstein’s Monsters of their own, “Lych Milk” sees the duo of Forrrthen (Guitars) and The Horrid (Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming) take on a trio of their songs and do likewise. The

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe begin slow trudge to “Gallows Hill”!

Yesterday’s news that the companion piece for remix “The Cloven Hand” will drop on 5th February 2021, entitled “Lych Milk” and featuring another trio of Zebadiah Crowe tracks remixed within an inch of their lives, this time by the band themselves, a video for lead track “Gallows Wood” has surfaced from the black depths. It

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe offer “Wormhavens Dance”…

“I believe in injustice and inhumanity and torture and anger and hate. I believe in murder. I believe in pain...” ~ Zebadiah Crowe We knew that a companion piece to their EP “The Cloven Hand” was on the way, we didn’t know what, where or when Zebadiah Crowe had planned – until now! 5th February

Review: “The Cloven Hand” by Zebadiah Crowe

From the minds of Zebadiah Crowe, the creators of last summers “Host Rider” comes the first of two EPs that promise a further test to your sanity in the bleak mid winter in “The Cloven Hand“. How much of a part Forrrthen and The Horrid played in the creation of these tracks with the exception

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe ready to dance…?

The corpse of “Host Rider” by Zebadiah Crowe may barely be cold but Forrrthren and The Horrid have been busy. They’ve inked a blood pact with Seething Akira and Gods of Ruin and let them dismantle a trio of songs from that album to create Frankenstein’s Monsters, which will be released as “The Cloven Hand“,

The Black Map #121: Zebadiah Crowe from London!

The beginning of the summer saw us enter through the gates of madness with the filthy Blackened Thrash of Zebadiah Crowe and their new album “Host Rider” via Lore Breaker Records. They had to get a sharpie out and do a Wendy O of the Plasmadics or Butcher Babies style nipple tape cover up to be

Review: “Host Rider” by Zebadiah Crowe

Influenced by the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, Clive Barker and Edgar Allan Poe, Forrrthen (Guitars) and The Horrid (Vocals, Bass, Drum Programming) are a duo who create music that sits in the space between Blackened Thrash, Industrial Metal and Grindcore in their outlet Zebadiah Crowe. Having the same influences as Ministry and Cradle of Filth

NEWS: Zebadiah Crowe believe in “A Horror To The Eyes Of Saintly Men”!

Zebadiah Crowe have unleashed a new album “Host Rider” via Lore Breaker Records and to celebrate this unholy occurence the band have unveiled a new lyric video, for the track ‘A Horror To The Eyes Of Saintly Men‘. Drawing on dark, dystopian sci-fi imagery to accompany the lyrics of ritual and bloodshed this video is another violent assault