The Black Map #121: Zebadiah Crowe from London!

The beginning of the summer saw us enter through the gates of madness with the filthy Blackened Thrash of Zebadiah Crowe and their new album “Host Rider” via Lore Breaker Records. They had to get a sharpie out and do a Wendy O of the Plasmadics or Butcher Babies style nipple tape cover up to be able to put their cover art on Social Media. The London duo of guitarist Forrrrthen (Burn the Yeti, Gilla Bruja, Nomadic Reign, Phlefonyaar, Tirgoviste, ex-Skrugg) and bassist, vocalist and drum programmer The Horrid (Gilla Bruja, Phlefonyaar, St. Fenton the Tainted, ex-Skrugg, ex-Zompok) have a wealth of experience in creating gnarly, nasty dynamics with raw industrial abrasions with six records from the band over the past 14 years. There was a 7 year gap between their sophomore album “Omak k’aah” and “Host Rider“, which made this year’s effort a highly anticipated affair. The overarching narrative that links the madness of each of the bands records are the lyrical themes embedded with each track as they share influences in H.P. Lovecraft with Greek Death Metallers Deathcraeft and Clive Barker with Suffolk Extreme Metallers Cradle of Filth. Sonically however, it’s a different story. Flavours of Anaal Nathrakh, Watford Nintendocore act JumpMan and even Pig Destroyer cut through low slung, dirty riffs with a mechanical heart of industrial glory.

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