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Bootleg: “Thirteen Autumns And A Widow” from Cradle Of Filth!

Like a nightmare conjured by the mind of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, Cradle Of Filth have completed a run of shows playing “Cruelty And The Beast” with Once Human in tow and “Thirteen Autumns And A Widow” has been caught on camera from their set at The Regency in San Francisco California on the final night, 26th

Bootleg: “Crawling King Chaos” from Cradle Of Filth!

As “Existence Is Futile” gives us an epic 70 minutes of new music from Cradle Of Filth, Bloodstock have given us one of the new cuts in “Crawling King Chaos” from it, raided from the bands set at the 20th Anniversary of the Festival, pro-shot in Technicolor glory. It seems surreal that the Witch country

NEWS: Cradle Of Filth share their “Necromantic Fantasies”!

Adorned by artwork created by Arthur Berzinsh, who also worked on the bands previous outings “Hammer of the Witches” and “Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness of Decay” and was inspired by “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch, “Existence is Futile” by Cradle of Filth is set for arrival via Nuclear Blast on

NEWS: Unlucky 13 for Cradle Of Filth?

Six months after the title “Existence Is Futile” was given to the wolf pack baying for blood at the door of Witch country natives Cradle Of Filth, we finally have the first taste of what their thirteen studio album might sound like in  ″Crawling King Chaos“. Recorded at Grindstone Studios with regular producer Scott Atkins,

Review: “Achrony” by Elderblood

Having formed in 2011, 2021 marks a decade of aggression for Kharkiv Ukraine Black Metallers Elderblood as they ruminate on the degeneration of humanity through history in what is intended to become an out-of-time hymn in keeping with the traditions of old. Perhaps not a band for genre purists, they are comprised of seasoned musicians

Interview: Cradle Of Filth chat to Knotfest!

The first show from Cradle Of Filth since 2019 will see the Suffolk Extreme Metallers give a live debut to a new keyboard player after Lindsey Schoolcraft made her exit over some 15 months ago. The band, who have announced a new album in “Existence Is Futile”, their first in four years will be appearing

Review: “Suru Raivosi Sydämeni Pimeydessä” by Dark The Suns

After a three year flourish between 2007 and 2010 which saw Firebox Records release three full-length albums (“In Darkness Comes Beauty”, “All Ends in Silence” and “Sleepwalking in a Nightmare”), Finland Melodic Metallers Dark The Suns went from highly active to dormant for seven long years before being re-activated as a duo by Mikko Ojala (vocals,

NEWS: Borstal look for you to suffer “Karma”!

It might be April Fools Day but there are no fools in Borstal. A brand new UK Hardcore band featuring the talents of Pierre Mendivil (Knuckledust), Nick Barker (Brujeria, ex-Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament) and members of Dripback and King Of Pigs have unveiled a lyric video for “Karma”. It’s one from their highly

Review: “At Her Majesty’s Pleasure” by Borstal

One of the many side effects of the absence of being able to play a live show during the years of the Great Plague that has been 2020 and now early 2021 is that projects that might not have otherwise seen the light of day and remained a twinkling in their creators eyes have come