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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Lies.

While it wasn’t one of four singles released from the album “Terrible Lie” by Nine Nich Nails remains an undisputed classic song from an undisputed classic album in 1989’s “Pretty Hate Machine“. Themes of angst, betrayal and lovesickness litter first offering from Trent Reznor, an Industrial Rock album both harrowing and catchy at that same

Bootleg: Static-X in Montreal Quebec Canada!

As the rise of the machine tour continues to rumble on in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of “Machine” the sophomore album from Static-X, a trio of better quality renditions have appeared online from the Montreal Quebec Canada stop of the run in “Cold“, “I’m With Stupid” and “Push It“. November will see “Project Regeneration

Bootleg: Static-X at The Filmore in San Francisco!

The new Cyborg mask for the frontman of Static-X as they embark on the 20th Anniversary tour for Machine is drawing a lot of attention so here are four cuts from their set at The Filmore in San Francisco California on 25th February courtesy of Iron Serbian for Capital Chaos TV. “Project Regeneration Vol 2“,

Throwback: “Cold” from Static-X!

Some anniversaries feel pretty natural when they come around but 22 years of “Machine” by Static-X feels a little strange. The band will embark on “Rise Of The Machine” tour (the title a Terminator pun) in both the US and Australia this year as they continue to celebrate the life of Wayne Static with a

NEWS: Static-X announce the final cuts?

A cover of the Nine Inch Nails classic “Terrible Lie” is the first of thirteen new cuts promised as the second installment of “Project Regeneration” from pioneers of the Industrial Metal Evil Disco sound Static-X. Said to feature the final vocal performances and musical compositions of the much missed vocalist Wayne Static, along with old

NEWS: Dope plan for the Olympics?

A sixth new single from the upcoming new Dope album “Blood Money, Part Zer0“ has emerged in “Dive” with a month to go before not only the records release but also the band joining Static-X as they celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Machine“ on an extensive US tour with Fear Factory, Mushroomhead and Twiztid. The

NEWS: Dope get thirsty and miserable…

Also releasing on 24th February is the highly anticipated and available as a free download album “Blood Money, Part Zer0” from Nu-Metal survivors Dope. In advance of that record the band have shared a music video for a cut titled “Misery” co-directed by frontman Edsel Dope alongside Society 1 mastermind Matt Zane that features the

NEWS: Dope announce new album with two new singles!

Ahead of their February touring plans that will see them celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Machine” by Static-X alongside Mushroomhead and Twiztid, Industrial tinged Nu-Metal outfit Dope have announced they will be releasing their seventh studio album “Blood Money, Part Zer0” with a pair of cuts in “Believe” and “No Respect“. In the pre-order announcement video, mastermind

NEWS: Static-X bring “Terminator Oscillator” to life!

The Rise of the Machines tour will sweep across the US in 2022 with Tony Campos playing bass in both Static-X and Fear Factory as the band share the stages with Dope, Mushroomhead and Twiztid from February to April and it’s one that fans are hoping will go Worldwide. In the meantime, celebrating the birthday of

Playthrough: “Recode” from Fear Factory!

We might be no closer to the announcement of a replacement vocalist for Burton C Bell or any tour dates but in “Aggression Continuum“, the 10th Studio album from Fear Factory, we do have one almighty slab of Industrial Metal. Dino Cazares, Tony Campos and Mike Heller have shared a playthrough performance of “Recode” from the