Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins? FIGHT! Failed.

Seeing as Metallica have a new single out, a new album on the way and a World tour playing the same venues on back to back nights with completely different sets and different support, we figured it was the right time to put head to head a pair of covers from the Black album era. We all know the story. 1991. Bob Rock. Critical acclaim. Best selling album. Accusations of selling out. While it might not have been a single, “The God That Failed” was actually the first from the album to be heard by the World, even though it didn’t make it’s live debut for another three years…

In the Blood Red Corner we have San Antonio Texas Melodic Blackened Death Metal scribes Scars Of The Flesh who recently released a “In Darkness Alone“, an album split clean in half between new tracks and covers. In the Ice Blue Corner we have Albanian Metallers Crossbones whose 2019 album “The Awakening” and in particular single “Man Made God” has clear Black album influences in its late Thrash style. Who wins? You decide!

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