Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Wolf.

Greek-Australian rapper from Sydney, Australia Masked Wolf had what has become known as a sleeper hit when his 2019 single “Astronaut in the Ocean” landed in re-release form earlier this year, going Gold and Platinum in various markets. A clever move from those in sync with trends who saw that the track had become really popular on social media and had already reached more than 32 million streams on Spotify, the song which touches on depression, anxiety and feeling low certainly resonated during the lockdown season.

After a few weeks of a some more melodic cuts on Vs Tuesday, it’s time for our weekly head to head to go heavy; and when we say heavy, we mean Brutal Deathcore heavy. So when Deathcore goes Hip-Hop, you get Sam Schneider aka Sammy SlamDance of Abyss Walker fame accompanied by multi instrumentalist Adam Conran (Guitars, Bass, Drums) in the Red Corner. They have plenty of experience at turning Hip-Hop darker with heavy guitar arrangements so this kind of cut is meat and beer to their beast. In the Blue Corner, it can only be Aleksandr “Alex Terrible” Shikola of Slaughter To Prevail for his Russian Hate Project take on the cut. Sumerian Records might argue he should be preparing for touring his bands upcoming new album “Kostolom” but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t give a f*** and will nail those shows either way.  Who Wins? You decide!

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