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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Wolf.

Greek-Australian rapper from Sydney, Australia Masked Wolf had what has become known as a sleeper hit when his 2019 single “Astronaut in the Ocean” landed in re-release form earlier this year, going Gold and Platinum in various markets. A clever move from those in sync with trends who saw that the track had become really

NEWS: Sammy SlamDance heads into Space?!

A music video for a brand new cover of “Astronaut In The Ocean” by Masked Wolf redecorated in Deathcore style by Adam Conran (Guitars, Bass, Drums) and Sam Schneider aka Sammy SlamDance of Abyss Walker fame has surfaced as once again Rap Goes Metal for the duo, this one being teased since late May via

Exclusive Interview: Interpreter talk “Dirtmound”!

After reviewing their debut EP “Dirtmound” which is a full on cathartic energy release that goes off like a nuclear reactor core in melt down, we caught up with Nashville, Tennessee quartet Interpreter, a band putting their own spin on Deathcore and like the Incredible Hulk, bulldozing everything in their path, to find out about their

NEWS: Abyss Walker debut “Bipolar”!

Nashville Tennessee Deathcore collective Abyss Walker who feature Sammy SlamDance in their ranks want to take you through a journey. A journey into the World of a Bipolar individual going though mood swings, daily thought process, med swaps, withdrawal symptoms and side effects… “Bipolar”

Review: “Yugen” by Of Clarity

“Yugen” is the third full length album from Louisville Kentucky Metalcore with just a hint of Deathcore quintet Of Clarity. It follows 2018’s “Derelict” and featuring a pair of guest appearances from Andrew Zink of BroJob and Sammy SlamDance while 2019 marks the bands 7 year anniversary. Fronted by Trent Baker, guitarist Austin Nichols has