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NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail return with “1984”!

Russian Deathcore demolishers Slaughter To Prevail have resurfaced with their first new cut since last year’s critically acclaimed sophomore album “Kostolom” in anti-war anthem “1984“. Laced with early Slipknot vibes the cut picks up where the album left off, while continuing to demonstrate the insane vocal abilities of frontman Alex Terrible.

Documentary: “Kolostrom” tour diary with Slaughter To Prevail!

Complete with English subtitles Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail have shared the second part of their tour diary for the first run of shows in the life of their second album with Sumerian Records “Kolostrom” so buckle up, it’s going to be an early Slipknot influenced ride. But that’s not all. If you head

Review: “Kostolom” by Slaughter To Prevail

Formed in 2014 when United Kingdom based guitarist Jack Simmons, known for his work in Acrania and Hollow Prophet teamed up with Russian pairing Aleksandr “Alex Terrible” Shikolai and drummer Anton Poddyachy formerly of We Are Obscurity, Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail have been on everyone’s watch list since 2016’s “Chapters Of Misery“. Thanks to

Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Wolf.

Greek-Australian rapper from Sydney, Australia Masked Wolf had what has become known as a sleeper hit when his 2019 single “Astronaut in the Ocean” landed in re-release form earlier this year, going Gold and Platinum in various markets. A clever move from those in sync with trends who saw that the track had become really

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail go anime “Zavali Ebalo”!

Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail have dropped a brand new single entitled “Zavali Ebalo“, the fourth pre-released track from their upcoming sophomore record. “Kostolom” was announced in back in May for a 13th August release via Sumerian Records along with accompanying single “Baba Yaga” which has already smashed over 3 million views on YouTube and

Playthrough: “Baba Yaga” from Slaughter To Prevail!

Recording and Filming on Skylark Recording Studio official Zildjian, TAMA, Vic Firth, TRICK and Roland artist Evgeny Novikov has delivered an impressive performance in this drum playthrough video for “Baba Yaga“, the recent single from Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter to Prevail. The cut is one of twelve to feature on the bands upcoming 13th August

Documentary: Backstage of “Baba Yaga” with Slaughter To Prevail!

If the NSFW music video for “Baba Yaga“, the new single from Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail wasn’t enough for you then vocalist Alex Terrible has unveiled a behind the scenes footage follow up that will give you a little more… Bang for your buck.  13th August will see new album “Kostolom” drop via

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail announce “Kostolom”!

After the return of Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail to the live arena saw them premier new material, it seemed only matter of time before news of the follow up to their 2017’s “Misery Sermon” surfaced. Available for pre-order here that highly anticipated sophomore record is called “Kostolom” and will feature all three singles