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Documentary: Backstage of “Baba Yaga” with Slaughter To Prevail!

If the NSFW music video for “Baba Yaga“, the new single from Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail wasn’t enough for you then vocalist Alex Terrible has unveiled a behind the scenes footage follow up that will give you a little more… Bang for your buck.  13th August will see new album “Kostolom” drop via

NEWS: Slaughter To Prevail announce “Kostolom”!

After the return of Russian Deathcore brutes Slaughter To Prevail to the live arena saw them premier new material, it seemed only matter of time before news of the follow up to their 2017’s “Misery Sermon” surfaced. Available for pre-order here that highly anticipated sophomore record is called “Kostolom” and will feature all three singles