Playthrough: “1984” from Slaughter To Prevail!

In what has to be considered another fine vintage classic that if filmed in black and white would give “Gone with the wind” a run for its money, the spotlight has been turned on Slaughter to Prevail drummer Evgeniy Novikov for a playthrough video of the bands recent single “1984“. A Zildjian, Tama, Evans, Vic Firth, Trick and Roland artist, he’s not short on endorsements and has given us a full rig rundown as well.


Zildjian Cymbals Set Up on this video:

  • 14 Zildjian A Custom Hi-hat
  • 10 Zildjian K Custom Dark Splash
  • 9,5 Zildjian Zil-bell
  • 7.5 Volcano Cup Zil-Bell
  • 9 Zildjian Oriental Trash Splash
  • 17 Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
  • 18 Zildjian A Custom Medium Crash
  • 21 Zildjian A Megabell
  • 18 Oriental Trash China

Tama Drum Kit:

  • Superstar Dual Hyper Drive 22-10-12-16
  • Drumheads: Evans UV2 on Toms, Evans Hybrid on Snare
  • PEDALS: Trick Dominator Roland TM-2 with Roland RT-30K

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